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CSN Outage 7/29/21

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My boyfriend has been diagnosed with oligodendroglioma type I and II. He had surgery, and tomorrow there is his first time meeting with the oncologist. We are pretty scared and depressed about undergoing chemotherapy. Could you please tell me how your experience with chemo has been? What about the use of pain killers? I really don't like the idea of him having to take morphine all the time. Really appreciate your help. Vesperana

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It is normal to be scared, but it is really not too bad. I am taking Temodar as my chemo regimen. The nausea is the main side effect, but it is not too terrible. It is well managed by medication. I did not have to be on pain medications except for immediately after my surgery and even that didn't require morphine. Just pray about this and everything will be alright.

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I am glad to know that we have a stream about this. My sister underwent her second Oligo surgery today. I suspect she will need massive post-op treatment, but I wonder if she can withstand chemo. She is quite weak.


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