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I just had to come back and get my .O2 in...reference Emily's and the doctor's comments on
Traditional verses Alternative medicine.
I have benefited from Traditional medicine, in fact it saved my life..the only problem I see is
that the life saving procedures may not have been
necessary had I been following "alternative" regimines of diet, medication and exercise.
One small(?) example is our diet-over half of our
population is obese, which in itself contributes to many diseases, including cancer and early death.
Not only does the profit motives of big business
prevent alternative research,but there is a near
conspiracy in this country to put sugar in everything we eat! I challange you to pick up any
processed food and not find that it contains "high
Fructose Corn Syrup" or some version of sugar. We
are addicted to sugar, and of all the contaminents
in our foods, it is the most prevelant. Ask yourself why the predominant sweetener in most foods is Corn sugar, and you will soon follow the
bucks to big business politics. Cancer loves sugar..they even use it to diagnose cancer! There is an old book called "Sugar Blues" that will change your attitude about sugar forever. We as a
nation are sugar junkies.
Just the elimination of refined sugar from our diets might cure half the ills in this country, but it's like sex..it sells food. Bud


  • Hey Bud, I know exactly what you mean. Several years ago I participated in a "watching your weight" study because I needed to loose those extra 10 vanity pounds, if you will, and nothing I seemed to do got rid of them...nothing. Then I started to read labels and I was shocked at how much sugar or sugar products there was in foods...including those in which you'd think there couldn't possibly be any sugar in them because I don't taste any. Wrong. After eliminating those products from my diet completely, the pounds came off!!!! No real big eating reduction....just avoiding all processed foods that contain some form of sugar or sugar by product. Amazing.

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    Amen brother!!

    So have more sex and eat less sugar!

    peace, emily who may practice what she preaches! haha!
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    2bhealed said:

    Amen brother!!

    So have more sex and eat less sugar!

    peace, emily who may practice what she preaches! haha!

    Bud--I am a self confessed sugar junky---mmmm
    Hey, maybe Em's suggestion might be the way to go--then again I might haf ta bribe Jen---lol

    Ok--point taken--now lets see if ah can do without my sugar in my next cuppa!
    luv ya guys