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Miracle of Miracles!

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Hey y'all,

Friday night I went to Relay for Life in my new town up here in the Northwoods. It was a homey small town Relay. They served a survivors dinner for us and our families. There were speakers sharing testimonies and such. Well a doctor got up to speak.....

(this is where I break into the Fiddler on the Roof's rendition of "Miracle of Miracles!!" sing it now!)

This doctor spoke of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE used for healing cancer!!! I thought I would fall outta my chair!

He said, "If Western Medicine was all there was to healing disease then the rest of the world would be dead."

He spoke of a few of the kinds of healing practices I have used and one of his favorites was the power of prayer! (he's a good Irish Catholic).

I went up to him afterward and told him he was a breath of fresh air to hear a physician actually give a plug for alternative medicine. I told him I think I am going to really like this town!

So the kicker is that he is my hubby;s doctor. This is a God thing. Arthur was having chest pains radiating down his left arm during out move. Well of course I was freaking out to say the least. Thankfully Arthur works at a hospital and went to see the cardiology nurse who immediately set him up with a doc who "happened" to be on call that day. (being new we had yet to set up a doctor relationship). The doc on call was the one who believes in Alternative Medicine as a Complementary medicine for Western meds!!!!

I do not believe in coincidence. This was an appointment set up by Providence.

I am in good hands! :-)

i just wanted to share this with y'all b/c I knew you'd appreciate my excitement of finding a supportive doc in my new town. WooHoo!!

peace, emily who knows big things are happening.

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Thanks for sharing!! I don't know why you moved, but you know the saying - things happen for a reason. You meeting a Doctor for alternative medicine just proved the meaning of that!
Hope hubby's arm pain was just a pulled muscle from the move!

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Hi there,

Western Medicine was chosen by many people on this board as their treatment, including my mother. I think the statement "If Western Medicine was all there was to healing disease then the rest of the world would be dead." was a bit drastic.

The are many choices we have to fight cancer. The most important part is being comfortable with the treatment you chose wether its Eastern of Western.

julie :)

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hi carmen,

We moved because we got into so much debt from having to pay for all my treatments out of pocket since it is not covered by insurance. We sold our farm. But this was a good thing because the stress of living with so much debt hanging over our heads was too much to bear and not healthy for any of us.

Last winter my FIL died and left a log cabin on 40 acres in the Northwoods of Minnesota. I am a dogsledder (have 4 huskies so far) and living in a log cabin has always been one of my dreams. My husband had a dead-end job and was needing to move up and out (not to mention make more money).

We found Arthur a better job in the same town where the cabin was--no coincidence again--was meant to be. So here we are.....

We still don't know what the pain is from.

peace, emily

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OK, I just can't sit here and be quiet. I am a young doctor, and cancer patient.

Just for you to know. WE ARE REQUIRED TO LEARN ABOUT ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL!!!!! At least the one I went to. Most younger, good doctors are not against alternative medicines at all.

I personally believe mind-body connection is very strong. I am active in yoga and learning about ancient medicine in India. I think alternative medicine is a great factor in healing, along side with western treatments. Western treatments have scientific data supporting it; whereas, others have much less.

What is all comes down to is participating in treatments that you, individually, will feel good about; especially if things go bad. It is all about reducing possible regrets. We are tainted here by hearing the successful stories. Just learn about it ALL before you make decisions.
I'm sorry if this seems inappropriate. I just have to defend my profession.
Emily, I am soo glad you like your new town and found a doctor you are comfortable with. Making that connection rarely happens so quickly.

I bet more MDs than you think appreciate the healing power of alternative medicines. I hope you haven't encountered a lot of resistance.

peace to you as well; keep us posted about your hubby!

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Hi jana,

oh gosh, I am so sorry if my thread made you want to defend your profession. I hope it did not come across like I was attacking Western Medicine. I am not against Western Med. Without it *I* would be dead!!! But I do not come across many doctors who are very knowledgable (in my 42 years of going to doctors) or supportive of it. I am so glad to hear this is changing and to witness it myself--as in last Friday! The winds are changing....now if they could only get it covered by insurance....

To me Eastern/ Western Medicine completes the circle and one without the other is lacking completeness. I think that is what the doctor was meaning too in his comment--that so much of the world does not use western medicine but it still survives.

Eastern Medicine does not get the research because the pharmaceutical companies do not subsidize it --yet. But this is changing too as there are some studies being started due to some very successful alternative treatments that are getting some notice. It is a process that takes time to change--look at Chiropractic--it is now more widely accepted and covered by insurance. Soon I think acupuncture will be in the line-up more and more.

This is what excites me. Way back when--22 years ago--my neurologist wouldn't even think that my migraines were from what I was eating...even poohed-poohed the idea...

I do not think it inappropriate at all to respond to my post. It allows me to clarify that my position is not adversarial to Western Medicine or to those who choose that route, but one of supporting the Complementery aspects of Eastern Medicine and that there IS A CHOICE beyond chemoThey only give chemo as your tx choice. You just have to, at this time, research on your own because it is not presented to us at the time of our dx. My oncologist surely did not suggest acupuncture , or juicing or massage....but maybe someday soon he will! He surely was open to the book list I gave him and the suggestion that he put Vitamin E on his surgical scar. He read the books!

It is not so much that I have encountered resistance---it is that I have not encountered much *outspoken* support...ergo my excitement at the Relay.

peace, emily who hopes this clarifies the situation

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thanks, the times, they are a changin' :)

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Like the Blueberry/Juicing/Guru always sez; "God
Provides.." I'm anxiously awaiting your reply to
Jana. Nanuk

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As a fellow Catholic and married to an Irish Catholic we believe God heals in many different ways and through different vehicles.

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