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I need Your Prayers Please

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Hi gang Iam back with a new Journey. Like mentioned before Iam a Breast and Colon Cancer survivor. Last year had a intestional Sticture caused by radation for Colon Cancer I had in 2001. This May 25th my intestine broke during a Colonoscopy. I have a temp. Colostomy which was-is going to be reversed in September. Last month I started having stomach aches so the Doctor ordered a CAT Scan.Before my next visit which was yesterday I decided to have it done Monday past BOOM results Mass on My LIVER. My Doctor had notice that my CEA levels had been rising slowly before this. I don't trust CEA'S anyway. Well you know I have diagnosed myself as having Liver Cancer without any other test yet. My Doctor will be back from Vacation next week, I hate the wait. I have prepared myself to fight-fight-fight getting in training eating more even though appettite never returned to normal after the Colostomy. That was also a red flag, my appetite has decreased in the couple of months since the Colostomy and the occasional bad stomach ache is what sent me to the Doctor anyway. I am so hurt behind this but I know I can't give up no matter what I will survive this. Next week I will find out the plan of care. I think I need to write that book, "Livin BEFORE,DURING and AFTER CANCER-smile. Thanks Montiel aka Livin

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Hi Montiel--I would hazard a guess that there are so many of us that have re-ocurances that we could all write a book!
Bud's previous post also highlights other after effectsfrom surgery/radiatin/chemo that can surface as time goes on.I am having a fight with heart problems--(never had that before all this) and the doc's now say that they think my chemo has affected my heart. Never seems to end but we are here together--as one--all trying to defeat all the horrid things that surface.
Our very best to you --prayers, luv and huggs, kanga n Jen

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Hi Montiel,
You are right about the "boom" part; sure feels like getting hit with something. The wait is sure hard when you just want to know. Sounds like yu have an awesome spirit; keep up the fight.
As Kanga said, the effects go on and on...mine is now a question of kidney damage, as my blood pressure isn't getting under control. We'll all add chapters to your book.
Take care of yourself, you're on my prayer list, Judy

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I know about the Boom part too. I have had this stupid bladder bag since surgery May 20th. Now I keep bleeding from my bladder. Don't know what that's all about. I also have a permanent colostomy that works when it feels like it. Once went 5 days without it working and ended up in the hospital again. Then once 3 days, didn't go to the hospital. Had fever and infection again a few weeks ago and doctor threatened hospital if I wasn't better the next day. I was a little better, but didn't call him back, because NO MORE HOSPITAL. Sorry, went off on a tangent like this. I will be praying for you. Have found that I do a lot of that anymore. Kanga and Judy, I'll be praying for you both too. You've been wonderful to me.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Thanks Judy--I go back for a day trip to hosp. wednesday--will keep in touch--luv kanga n Jen

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Dear Montiel,

My thoughts and prayers will be with you. You sound like you have a great attitude and that will definetly help you in your battle. Keep up the good fight and remember that you are not alone.

Keep us posted.



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you will be in my prayers as are the rest of you.

If we have a hard time keeping our head up then it's time to drop to our knees.

peace, emily

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Hi livin, I am so sorry for all your healh problems you have certainly been thru a lot I hope things turn around soon for you i to am dealing with colon cancer had tumor removed in may thru emergency surgery have a colonostomy and a mucus fistula bag so I have 2 bags the mucus in really non functional now it was used because my colon was so blocked they had to do the mucus fistula to drain the infection out of my colon I have resection after my chemo I do folfox and avastin this thursday will be my 6 session of folfox and 3 of the new drug avastin for spots on my liver. I understand your frustration some days is hard and I just take a deep breath and try to think of positive what ever fight fight fight never give up I am actually going to a medicine man in new mexico when i am finished with my sessions I have met people that he has done miralces for I don't understand it but I do believe in it and him and the spiritual healing so please keep the faith and fight fight if you want more information please email me at lhsteer@aol.com I would love to chat or email directly with you to see how you are doing. karen

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