hi all !!!

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i am going to have my bag reversed. any stories good or bad .
please let me know.
i am going in on the 9th of sept.
will have a break from chemo for a couple of weeks.
looking forward to it.


  • kangatoo
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    Hi Fed--can't comment on the reversal but nonetheless have marked yu for prayers on thursday 9th.
    luv n huggs kanga n Jen
  • jsabol
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    Likewise, Fed. Sounds like things are going well; good for you. You're on my list, regards, Judy
  • StacyGleaso
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    Hey fed...

    I had mine reversed on Sept 13...FRIDAY THE 13TH! All went well, no side effects. Docs said expect changes for up to 3 yrs after reversal, and I have had no bad experiences, and that was almost 2 yrs ago. You'll be fine, I promise...

    All the best,

  • Kanort
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    Hello Fed,

    I don't have any experiences with this, but I will be praying that all goes well.

    Keep us informed.