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Good thing Kanga

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I wish my flashing days were over, but alas, I have a few more months left.

After that, I may have to charge! :)

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He He Barb!!!! I have a lotta mates over here that just cringe when they have a medical, the doc. says a prostate check is in order then promptly reaches for the rubber glove and vaseline.
I really have to laugh 'cos as we know doctors ain't backward in coming forward about ones pet aversion to a digital examination. Nonetheless, I tell my mates I will swap them anytime--gladly. After all the tests we go thru my modesty went right out tha window!When I was taken from the ICU to the ward a coupla lovely nurses tended me. On my 3rd day "Joanne" asked me if I would like to shower, however I was not real well, so I said nope--then she came back to give me a "birdy bath". When she was almost done she asked me if I would like to tend to my "private parts"---lol--I promptly told her she was doin ok and might as well finish tha job!---he he!--'cos by that time I could not have cared less who washed me!!!
Hey---for a dollar a look we could make some big money--although charging doc's and nurses is fine by me--ah just don't think Jen would approve, particularly if it got outa hand and I started invitin them --lol

Nowadays I never get concerned about what they do to me--been there done that---next option??--lol
luv n huggs , kanga n Jen

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