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Sharing information

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Good morning all. Some of you may have heard of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. www.laf.org It has been set up to promote, education, advocacy,public health and research in the field of cancer.

His web site is a wealth of information.

If you go to the home page www.laf.org,
click on Programs,
click on Education,
then click on "log in" My Survivorship.
You'll have to log in with some personal information
Once you are logged in there are tons of articles and stories on every aspect of cancer care.

Please take a look. Knowledge is power.

P.S. Wear yellow!!!


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Hi Barb,
Thanks for this information. Funny coincidence -- I am just reading his book ("It's Not About the Bike"). I can highly recommend it. Particularly for his experiences with and reflections on the post-treatment phase (which I am in now!).

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I wear my yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet every single day and if you noticed many of the Olympic athlets from many countries were wearing theirs too!

peace, emily who loves to cycle anyway!

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Hey Emily, I did notice the athletes. I ordered 30 of the bracletes to give out to the people on my oncology ward. I wear mine everyday, too.

Peace girl, still can't put garlic in my juices - Barb

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