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In July of 2003 I had the prostate removed and had subsequent radiation. I could not beat the incontinence. In June of this year I had the artificial sphincter procedure. That did the job, and I very much like being back in control. The problem is, I'm still having a lot of discomfort and pain. This is mostly in the scrotum and on the underside of the penis shaft. My doctor tells me the discomfort will go away. If I just sit around, it feels alright. When I stand I have a "stinging" feeling in the area. I had a double cuff and as I said everything mechanically works well except for the discomfort and pain. Please help. Thank, Ed


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    Could you give me some info on the procedure you had.
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    warren612 said:

    Could you give me some info on the procedure you had.

    sorry for not getting back sooner warren. I after trying several procedures to beat the incontinence I decided to do the artificial spyhincter. The procedure consists of minor surgery going through the scrotum and attaching a cuff around the sphincter. The cuff is filled with a saline solution. The activator is in the scrotum which is squeezed to relax the cuff and allow urine to be discharged. I've had a long recovery mainly due to the radiation after prostate surgery. I had the cuff activated in June and still some discomfort that dr says will eventually get well. All in all I am very pleased with the results. I do not have to wear a pad and feel great to be in control again. I think my email is in profile if you need more info. Bottom line: If you have a big time incontinence problem, I personally think this is the way to go. Best of luck to you, flbikerman