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Emily, You Might be Famous

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Hi Friend!!!!!

This is so cool, my hands are shaking while I type. You of all people deserve this so!!!! In one of my postings, I mentioned that I use a product manufactured by Dr. Patrick Quillin. Last month I signed up for the automatic monthly renewal plan. I haven't gotten my monthly "box" and am getting ready to go on vacation...I need it. I called this am inquiring about it and loo and behold, I eventually spoke to his wife!!!!!

We talked for awhile and I mentioned this board and volunteered to do a testimonial for his product and also his book. I also told her about how wonderful this particular colorectal board is and how invaluable it is for us "newcomers". AND the thing that sets it apart are our beloved "old timers and survivors". She is going to talk to her hubby about us and who knows......

Opray, can you hear us!!!!!!

By the way, my recent horoscope said " the 9/11 Commission proclaimed that one of the government's most costly errors was a "failure of imagination". Make use of your fertile imagination now.".....

I love to dream stuff like this and you know what....dreams do come true!!!!!

I hope I can introduce to you Dr. Quillin, just to show you how much I personally appreciate you and your courage.

Lisa P.

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Hey Lisa--not so much of the "old" please--geriatric kanga may be but yu don't haf ta rub it in--lol---he he

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Lisa: I am also using Quillin's product, and would like to compare notes with you.
Also, Em is already famous..I am anxiously awaiting "Juicing 102". Bud

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I read your post about Patrick Quillen's product. Would that be the ImmunoPower ? Is that something the oncologists would object to because it has alot of antioxidants in it ? I was considering getting it for my father.


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Hi Deneen,

I took the list of ingredients to my onc and he shared with the head pharmacist and saw no issue with it at all other then to negate the "free bleeding" side effect of Avastin (since it has some Vitamin K in it). My onc is very forward thinking in regards to diet, supplements, etc. He himself is very careful what he eats and we talk alot about that. I am lucky to have him on my team. And yes it is Immunopower EZ (the less expensive of his 2 products).

FYI, I have not read anything in my few months of research that explains the "fear" of antioxidants, other then no pharmeceutical company pads their pocketbooks.

I got a minor cold right after I started chemo and it took me a month to kick it. I started taking the supplements right after that. My white blood cell count literally increased 4.2 points in 2 weeks after I started taking it and it has remained consistently around 6.7 since.

Lisa P.

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Famous!! Wow! heehee Nanuk? How am I famous already??

Awww shucks y'all I just want everyone to live long full healthy lives so I continue to stand on my soapbox...like any obnoxious street evangelist!

I am so happy for you that it's working. WooHoo!!

It is great to hear some positive outcomes and encouragement. keep it going!!

I have been laying low on line since my computer has a virus and I come back and wow! great encouraging post! I thank you! :-)

Hugs to all.

peace, emily who will crusade till she drops...

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