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Bonjour All My Angels,

So, tell me, who has the direct line to the big guy upstairs? Are you holding out on us? Huge thanks to all of you for the endless support, many laughs, great tips and the good thoughts/prayers. Cyber group hug! The scans show that the cancer is confined to my lungs! Yea! AND, according to the PET, there are three hot spots in the right lung and only two in the left. Since October, we have been thinking that there are a dozen tumours cause that's what the CT has been showing. Regardless, the surgeon called to let me know we're going in this coming Tuesday (31st)! Let the festivities begin! Good things I gave up my modesty upon diagnosis... First they operate on my ****, now my chest... The other day, my best friends parents were golfing with a couple. Somehow, my situation came up and it turns out that one of the golfers is a nurse and she was present at my first surgery. Fabulous, just fabulous. At the rate I'm going, it won't be long until at least half of the greater Montreal area has seen my insides. I'm considering charging a fee... Or maybe the tumours and I could go on tour. Anyways, I thank you with all my heart for the sweet messages and positive vibes. You guys are magic. And if you could keep them coming next Tuesday...

I also wanted to let Sally Jo know that you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. I have heard of temporary post-operative dementia. May he heal well. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Judy, I'm also constantly thinking of you. You are such a brave and inspiring soul. The battle you are putting up is simply incredible. I truly don't know how you do it. The only comfort I can offer is that IT WILL END. Don't lose sight of that fact, which is so hard to do when you feel lousy. In the near future, you will be out shopping, or enjoying the sun or feasting on a wonderful dinner with your fabulous husband and you will feel well and good and whole and this will seem like a bad dream. I know you must feel like you'll never feel well again, but you will. It takes time and patience and it must be so frustrating for you... Just try to focus on that light at the end of the tunnel, although it is much easier said than done. All my love to you and your family.

Lots of love from an incredibly relieved Canadian,


  • Way to go Andrea....I am thrilled for you. So is Bert!!!! Our prayers will be with you and can't wait to hear how you just sailed through the surgery and on your way to a speedy recovery. You've been on a remarkable journey, and continue the walk the road with a tremendous amount of courage and strength. God keep you and I bet he'll be right there in the operating room watching over you.

    Monika & Bert
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    Hi Andrea,

    I've seen your postings several times but not sure if i ever said hello. I am a fellow Canadian living in Toronto. I was in Montreal 3 weeks ago for a wedding. The wedding was at Notre Dame Church (beautiful) and the reception at chauteau vandrail (excuse the french). Anyway, I wish you all the best and you'll be in my prayers. I feel as though I have a connection to the big guy upstairs - he's been answering all my calls with great news :) I'll say a special one for you.

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    Hi Andrea. I joined this group about a month or so ago. So many wonderful people. Just wanted you to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up the great work.

    I have to add, your post made me laugh. The hospital where I had my radiation ( to my **** ( as you put it), chemo, mamo, port insertion and anything else you can think of, is the same hospital that my husband worked in for 15 years. Every time I dropped my drawers I met one of his old friends!! I was about 2 weeks into my butt radiation ( shot from behind - you get the picture), the tech says, " Oh, tell your husband I said hi." Great who hasn't seen my rear end?!

    Then I have my first ever mammo. I'm waiting nervously to hear my results, hoping the cancer hasn't spread anywhere else. Everyone else in the waiting room gets the "O.k., you can go home." I wait and wait... the tech ( yes she knows my husband) tells me the doctor wants to see me. I almost dropped to my knees thinking that I couldn't take anymore bad news. I'm walking down the hall to the office and I turn to the tech. "Don't tell me, the doctor knows my husband?" " Yes, everything is fine, she just wanted to say hello." UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !

    So, my humility is long gone. Shyness is no longer an issue.

    Anyone else want a look? :)

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    Hey Andrea, What great news. I am thrilled for you. Can't believe that I am one of the ones with a direct line upstairs, but I'll continue to keep you in my prayers just in case! Best of luck next Tuesday...the idea of charging a fee is a good to cover all those college expenses...with your writing skill, you should consider a book, your posts have me in figurative stitches. Regards, Judy
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    What a wonderful message. And by the way, I think we all have the direct link to the big guy and more times then not, it is thru the others that we love the most!!!!!

    Hugs to you and I will toast you on the beaches of NC on Tuesday!!!!! I know it will go well, how could it not?????

    Lisa P.
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    Andrea, Your post reminded me of my experineces too. I was in the hospital 3 separate times and each time I'd go in, all the nurses would greet me as they were wheeling me down the hall to my room. They said the last time that they were going to make a special wing just for me. I told them that I'd rather they didn't. LOL. I seem to have a special line to Heaven, so I'll say a good long prayer for you on Tuesday, that the doctor will get everything out and you won't have to deal with this demon again. Thanks for the little message to me. It was so sweet. I don't really feel brave, even though everyone says I have been. I'm just like everyone here, you do what you have to do to try and beat this thing. I can't wait for those shopping days to come. LOL. I did go out Tuesday night. It was my daughter's 28th birthday and we took her and her kids to dinner. My son and husband were there too. It was really really nice. I ate to much and felt bad afterward, but had a good time while I was there. It was a Mexican restaurant and they came out and sang Happy birthday in Mexican and English to my daughter. The guy played the guitar and sang. He sang really good. Well, anyhow, good luck to you. And.....I'm saying a prayer right now even.
    Love and prayers, Judy(Grandma047)
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    Hi Andrea
    Not sure if ive said hi yet either cause ive only just found my cyber buddies all the way from Australia! Good luck with the surgery and hope that all goes well, I'll talk to the guy upstairs for ya too!
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    belinda25 said:

    Hi Andrea
    Not sure if ive said hi yet either cause ive only just found my cyber buddies all the way from Australia! Good luck with the surgery and hope that all goes well, I'll talk to the guy upstairs for ya too!

    Hiya Andrea--'ol kanga will be thinkin of yu on tuesday--in fact on wednesday I will also be in hospital--so while they are jabbin n stabbin me I will close my eyes and think of yu in the ICU.
    All our love Andrea--yu will be fine--when yu come out of the anaesthetic imagine the love at the end of tha "rainbow" I will send yu.
    huggs kanga n Jen

    Barb--ain't no way kanga wants to "look where tha sun don't shine!!!!!!!!!!!"
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    HI Andreae, glad to hear from you. I love the sense of humour which I think is the best medicence(sp). I will keep you in my prayers.
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    just read your note!! Best of luck to you... glad everything is looking up!

    I had a thoracotomy in May and recovered like a champ. May you recover quickly and get bored out of your mind at the hospital.

    Keep us posted. jana