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To all our wonderfull friends here.Lisa P. --pay attention!!!!!
To have a friend and be a friend,
Is a joy and privilege too.
To know a friend accepts your faults,And loves you 'cos you're you.
To be a friend is something fine,
It makes one understand.
How selfless is the love which gives,
The ever helping hand!

Told ya kanga is a "softie"

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Hi Kanga,

What a sweet poem. Thanks for posting it to all of us. You are a "softie" and that is why you are so loved.

Hugs to you and Jen!


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Hey Kay--yu get kicked outa bed??mmmmm--I should be in bed--lol
Only way a man can get his message across is to come right out n say it!
Hope this day finds yu safe n well Kay,
luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hello Kanga and Jen,

Thanks for sharing those beautiful and thoughful words with the rest of us. Yes, you are loved and thought about almost every day, although it be many miles away. Not only are you a "softie" (guess I started something when I called you that,huh), but a gem as well. I'm so glad for people like you and the rest on this board being in my court. It always makes one feel good to have their own rooting section :o)

Hugs to you and Jen,
Monika & Bert

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YGY....that stands for "YOU GO Y'ALL"!!!! I love you too, big harley guy!!!!! For some reason, I envison Springsteen's "Born To Run" with you and Jen in the video!!!! That is about the highest compliment I can give (sorry I show my age by knowing the name of the song, but bet the ole SpongeBob knows it too)!!!!! Sponge..I didn't say old, it was ole!!!!!

Hugs to you both!!!

Lisa P.

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Kanga you are a sweetie!
Right back at ya mate

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You are surely welcome guys.
Hey Lisa----"harley?"--don't think so--Jen and I both have Yamaha's---'cos they go faster!!!!--lol
"Gem" Monika?-----actually my bike has stencilled on it the name "JULES" because the colour is called "Sapphire Blue"--now is that a coincidence?Say hi to Bert 4 us and here's a hugg from Jen(((((Bert))))))))
Belinda--look to your mail sweetie.

((((((((((((kanga embraces yu all))))))))))

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