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Hopkins liver surgery - went well:)

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HI all... Just wanted to let you know how things are going... Hubby had
his surgery yesterday am. Did pretty well, although they had to remove 60%
of his liver because the tumor , although small, was located too close to
some major vessels. He is pretty groggy today and in a lot of pain. The
drugs and anesthesia have him in la la land. He told the nurses he's a
truck driver and helped give birth to puppies yesterday, etc... LOL. All
in all, the surgery showed only the one tumor. His liver showed no signs
of scarring from chemo or any microscpoic cancer. As far as we know he is
cancer free at this point!!!! He says he has a fever right now and they
are worrying about infection, but I am waiting to talk to a nurse to find
out if its true or if he's just hallucinating... I'll keeep you posted on that...
Hope everything is going well with everyone else. Prayers and hugs and Rainbows too all.
God Bless!
Sally Jo

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EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!!! Now have him work on getting out of that hospital and on with your lives! SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!!!!!


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WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Thanks for letting us know. I see the makings of a wonderful comic book.....A super hero truck driver delivering puppies in his off hours!!!!!

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Great News!!!!!!! Hubby had fever also after surgery on and off for awhile. Once they got him up walking his fever would come down. Went like that for the five days he was in the hospital.
So happy for the both of you.

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Congratulations! Coming out of the surgery and all is a test - but sounds like you and hubby will be doing fine. Keep us posted on his recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers are always with you.


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So good to hear he is thru the worst of it Sally Jo. I had some trouble with fever too but that is not necessarily due to infection Sally.Jen came in one night and found the nurses had me surrounded by fans to bring my temp down.I remember feeling pretty bad and my mate thought I was death warmed up! Jen was told that it was a post reaction to the anaesthetic so hoping that your hubby is experiencing the same.
Our luv to you both--hang in there Sally Jo--the road will get shorter.
kanga n Jen

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