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Hi Friends!!!!!

I, along with most, hate chemo very much. The first 3 months was easier then it is now. I have started a list of the "good" things about chemo and thought I would share it. I am sure there are others out there with "good things" to add to the list. I hope it makes you smile and that it makes my next treatment a little easier. These are not in any sort of order.

1. Without chemo, I would not have learned so much from our wonderful friend Emily!!!!

2. I don't have to shave my legs as often.

3. I save money on haircuts, since it doesn't grow as fast.

4. It makes losing weight very easy if I don't take my anti-nausea pills.

5. My cats and dog love it, since they can curl up beside me while I sit and lie around so much.

6. I have the best compost pile I ever had with all the fruit and veggie scraps.

7. Blood sucking flying varmints don't touch me now. Chemo works better then deet!!!! Vampires avoid me.

8. My dentist likes it since I brush my teeth so often to get rid of that "sweater" feeling my teeth get.

9. Someone is getting rich from the cost of my drugs (it's a shame it isn't us).

10. It beings family and friends closer.

11. It gives me things to "talk" to this board about.

12. Now I have 3 things to blame things on....age, menopause, and chemo!!!!!

13. My power bills are lower, since my refridge and freezer aren't opened as often while I can't eat of drink anything cold for several days.

14. I sleep like I did when I was a baby...many hours a day.

15. Work isn't very important anymore.

16. My spirituality is the highest it has ever been.

17. It brought my 5 siblings, Mom, and Dad together at my house for the first time in 35 years.

18. Friends call and write more often.


Lisa P.

PS. I would love to hear Kanga say y'all!!!!


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    i swear, the best people i ever met i've never met in person : ) keep that spirit up! i really enjoyed that posting!
  • spongebob
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    That's AWESOME Scouty, simply awesome.

    Keep that 'tude!
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    So, so true. You said it best. Thanks for the list.

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    kerry said:

    So, so true. You said it best. Thanks for the list.


    Hey y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See Lisa--yu thought kanga wasn't watchin!!!!!
    Luv ya gal n don't sweat tha trivial stuff sweetie or kanga will send Steve Irwin over ta haunt ya--arggghhh!--shudder tha thought!
    luv n huggs --kanga n Jen

    "kanga is re-living the chemo with yah!--in my thoughts!"

    oh--n yu better read my post above too!!!
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    Hey Lisa,

    Fantastic mate! Your wonderful attitude at looking on the brighter side of things brings smiles to us all :) Thanx
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    geez, my head is swelling! I made the top of the list! :-)

    Y'all are the best!

    kiss kiss

    peace, emily who is happy she trotted back in here tonight and got so many warm fuzzies!