Your wives love you!

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My husband is 42 years old and 7 mos post RP. He has not regained his erections and, like many of you on here, it has been very difficult. I am a breast cancer survivor, so I do understand some of the emotions that come with facing and conquering cancer.

All I wanted to say is how much I admire all of you -- especially my hubby -- for facing and dealing with this. Please remember that while getting an erection is extremely important to you -- we, your wives, are still so grateful to have you alive, still in our lives and still loving you. Yes, sex was a big part of our lives too -- however, losing our life partner and love would have been far worse. We'll get through this together -- we still need you, with or without an erection!

I thank God every day for giving my husband another chance, and I love him as much or more now than I ever did.

I understand the depression and how it feels to lose a part of your body to this dreaded disease. Losing my breast and being left scarred as I have was horrible, to say the least. But my husband stood by me and loved me through it -- that was 6 years ago. Of course, that's what marriage is -- through better or worse, sickness or health.

I just wanted to say it takes such courage to face what each of you are facing -- It only makes us love you more. So don't give up and know that no matter what, for most of us, we're going to be by your side.

Good luck to you all.


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    Thank you.
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    nutt said:

    Thank you.

    AMEN. I am too am a wife of someone with prostate cancer. and feel the same i couldn't have put it better.
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    You said it all lady! This is exactly what my wife has said all along. It's better to have one's loving partner by your side than grieving at a grave site!Yes, sex was important, BUT it's not the only thing in life! There are many more ways to show affection & love than 5 minutes in the sack! It gives me a chuckle when I listen to all those idiots out there that think masturbating in a womens vagina is somehow connected to love!!They will never learn!
    Thanks for your letter to this group which shows how the "real women" of this world conduct themselves!