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Hi all,
Just got back from 2 weeks vacation beside a lake in Maine, joining up with old friends. What a nice break, but I sure have missed keeping up with you all.
Since I finished chemo the beginning of July, I feel better each week. (Well, except for the week that I had my thyroid removed!) Saw my endocrine surgeon today, and I'm discharged from his care. Wish the cancer stuff was that easy.
I return to work tomorrow, first time since the end of April. I guess it'll help to keep busy until my follow up CT scans in October, then a colonoscopy in November.
My daughter leaves for college next week, and between getting her off and returning to work, I'm afraid I won't have as much time to check in regularly, but I will try.
Wishing you all well. Judy


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    Hi Judy: I'm in the process of returning home from IMRT tx in TX..will also wait for follow-up
    CTs in Oct and Dec. Been off the chemo since May. Sure is nice, huh? Keep in touch even tho
    you are working, etc. Bud
  • littlejulie
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    Hi Judy,
    Welcome Back! We missed you!!! Good Luck at work. Think of it as an accomplishment that you're strong and healthy to go back to work.

  • kangatoo
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    Hi Judy,
    Welcome Back! We missed you!!! Good Luck at work. Think of it as an accomplishment that you're strong and healthy to go back to work.


    Hiya Judy--hey--can yu take time out to come sit n chat a while ?---I have a nice comfy leather recliner here for you in the waitin room!
    Good luck back at work but don't you go overdoin it!
    luv n huggs--kanga n Jen
  • Hi Judy! Welcome back and glad to hear you had a nice time. Congrats on going back to work...as Julie said, look at it as a success that you are well enough to return to the old grind. Don't over do it though...take it nice and slow. I do know what you mean about how difficult it is to stay in touch with folks when working...I leave the house every day about 6:30 and get home every evening about 6:30 and it's all I can do to stay awake until 9:00 p.m. (age is finally catching up with me....I fall asleep sitting up, just like my dad used to do in the days when I used to laugh at him...bet he's laughing at me now from heaven). My perk is internet access at my job so I sometimes use my lunch hour or "down times" to kind of check up on folks and see how they are doing.

    Anyway, I'm soooooo happy that you are feeling and doing well and keep it up.

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    Gosh, isn't good to get away after the treatments are finished and go someplace where you can enjoy some beauty? Glad you had that opportunity. I have been thinking of you and am happy to know that you are doing well.

    I had my "once every 2 month" check up (blood work) and so far so good. I will get the final results in a couple of days.

    Take care my friend, I am so happy you were able to have a wonderful getaway from it all.

  • taunya
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    So glad you had a nice vacation. It is good news that your health is improving too. It is funny that you vacationed in Maine, I live here! I hope work goes well for you and I wish your daughter the best of luck at college. Thinking of you.