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School's out!

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Hi guys. It's the prodigal daughter posting from Canada. Have not seen my Mum for more than four years due to my illness and her bad knees. Great to be back in ole Montreal. Speaking of which; you can access an architecture site of centuries-old buildings at: http://www.traveladventures.org/continents/northamerica/montreal02.shtml
Cut and paste, folks. Ctrl+c then Ctrl+v or you will be typing forever.
Have 6 month hazing in October. You will hear some whining then. Meantime, I am doing just fine. My mother feeds me French toast and what else - Canadian bacon.
Aspaysia, glad she is not scheduled for a stress test.

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Hey Aspasia,
Great to hear from you. My husband has family in Montreal, and we love to visit. My mom is in Pittsburgh, PA, and I also hope to get out there this fall. Safe to say that Pittsburgh lacks the charm of Montreal!
Good luck on those tests; I also have my CTscans scheduled for October, then my colonoscopy in November. I continue to feel better since chemo ended in July, and am returning to work tomorrow....first time since end of April. How did your garden turn out? The giant sunflowers have overtaken mine...always signals nearing the end of summer here.
Keep us posted. Judy

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Soo good to hear from you. Have missed your posts!

I am just south of the Canuk line meself now in my new digs in the NorthWoods of Minnesota.

I go for my tests in October too. Many moons will be shining that month I guess.

peace, emily who loves french toast bien sur!

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Hiya Asp--good to see yu back--bin wonderin bout yah!--Hope that you have a great time with your mum.
Who mentioned stress test???--lol
luv n huggs always--kanga n Jen

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