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Stage III Colon Cancer -- need info on Irinotecan Vs Oxaliplatin

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Hi all!
My father, 65 was diagnosed with Colon Cancer Stage III in April. The primary tumor was removed but it had spread to the peritonium and the omentum (which was removed during surgery).
He was treated with three cycles of Oxaliplatin + 5FU + Leucovarin and then he had a bad reaction to the third dose .. he developed neutropenia and his WBC count fell alarmingly. After that he was given one dose of Irinotecan. We are unable to understand why the drug has been changed. Is it because he is unable to tolerate oxaliplatin ( though it may be the better drug )? Which is the better drug oxaliplatin Vs irinotecan?
Another doctor we consulted also mentioned using Xeloda or Avastin. From what I understood Xeloda is given only as a last resort..is this true?
Also , I am from India and Avastin is not yet freely available here. Anybody from India in this network please do get back to me for what treatment options you have taken.
Please pray for us !

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Greetings, Vibha -

I wouldn't say Xeloda is a drug of last resort. It is one of many drugs that are available for metastatic cancer. Many people report good results. If your father is not able to tolerate Oxaliplatin, he may tolerate Xeloda better - and that's what you want to do is find a ned that kills cancer that the patient can tolerate - kill the cancer, not the patient. Is Xeloda available in India?

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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So sorry to hear about your dad Vibha. I can't offer any help on the meds you mention but others like Bob here are sure to help if they are able.All our very best from OZ. Prayers are sent for your dad--luv kanga n Jen

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I hope you dad improves soon. Nutropenia and low wbc are very common. I was on oxali,5-fu,luek,and xeloda. That was 5 years ago. MY doctor is from India. He travels there often to help people. I am in remission. I also had my omentum removed. Maybe my treatment isn't for everybody, but this was the choice that gave me the longest life expectancy. Hope all goes well.

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Hi P80007.... welcome to the board! I see this is your second post and I thought I might just give you a little hint about how the posts work. If you are reading an old old topic, like this one (the original poster from India posted her questions back in 2004) there's a good chance the person you are replying to might or might not even be on the boards anymore. Chances are, after 6 years, they will have forgotten the question they asked.

The most current topics will be listed first, when you first come into the boards. Now that you have responded to this old topic, it bumps it up to the top of the list because it now has a current message in it. If no one responds to it now, it will slowly make it's way down the list as more current topics are responded to.

Anywho... just thought I'd mention it and give you the heads up that the people who were in the original conversation may not be around anymore so won't be responding to you, and anyone who is around may not be responding unless they have some new message, so this topic will end up going down the list :)

Welcome aboard... and by all means, feel free to join in the current topics at the top of the list!! :D


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