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kanga "humour"

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Tomorrow kanga goes in to hospital to submit his somewhat "aged" body to a Thallium excercise stress test.-huh?--yu ask?
Well, thats when some crazy nutter in a hospital gown thinks he has aright to stick ya with an inch long horseneedle just so's he can imbed yer body with something left over from the testing of an atomic bomb.(yu see--thallium is a radioactive isotope)
Then they ask kanga to undress(much to nurses amusement) so untold wires of varying rainbow colours are stuck to his chest(oh--thats after nuther nurse "dry" shaves said chest)
Kanga is made to mount a treadmill machine which Jana Pitman would be proud to own, then progressively asked to walk faster n faster.
Crazy part is there is a picture on tha wall with a "long n windin road" on it--right in front of me peepers."Walk all yu like mate but yu ain't gunna reach tha end of tha road" says nurse!
'Bout tha time kanga's hair starts fallin out n tha "crown jewels" start to complain of sterility some nurse comes along n shoves kanga into a machine that looks like a reject from star wars.More intravenous admission of aforementioned "radioactive stuff" n tha whole thing gets repeated--sheeeeeeeesh!
YU know guys--at tha end of 5 hours kanga is gunna be really p----d orf all in tha name of tellin him he has a heart!!!!!!!!!

Hope yu guys got a sense of humour--me takin up all this space n stuff--oh--ah I have an "echo" on thursday too---"I HATE HOSPITALS!!!!"
luv kanga---Jen can't reply 'cos she fell orf her chair readin this--lol

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Give my best too the Guinea Pig,...er I mean Kanga, that fella always cheers me up. Hope his tests go well. Peace and be well


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clearly you have a heart kanga! We all know it here at CSN. Problem being that you overextend it on all us semi-colons loving on us like you do.

Arthur had a stress test too and the dry shave.....well the two bald patches on his oh so hairy chest look uh interesting! :-)

We'll be thinking of ya!

hi jen

peace, emily who hears your heart beating from here!

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"I'd be fit as a fiddle if I only had a heart" - isn't that the Tin Man's line from the Wizard of Oz - hey the Wizard of OZ!! Get it? And just remember what the boys in the Band America (circa 1974) said - "OZ never did give nothin' to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have"

Hang tuff Tin Man - and my offer for one of those little blue pills still... uh... "stands" (like I said, I have no need for them!!)

Cheers M8!

- Sponge-worthyBob

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I got quite a workout laughing at your plight, Kanga. Justifiable karmic payback may be in my future. Daily exercise for me is finding the remote. Sometimes it is right under my fat assp.

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Hello There!! Tell Jen that I joined her on the floor. You discription is very orginal!!! Good Luck with all of the tests!!!!!!! Please let us know how you make out!!!! We will be thinking of you and your email when we are at the hospital also next week. Best Wishes!!!!!!! Sue and Bob

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Hi from CA.USA

I had the same thing done two years ago, not so bad. I would do again, before having this
sh_ _.
If others can't handle your humor, them they don't have to read on. You have been through a lot and life as we know it too short.

Wish you the best. And please go to my last message to pickup my answer to you.

Hang in there Jen and take care of yourself, I have been a caretaker too. My husband had Prostate cancer in 2000.


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Had the 5 hours of submission to "Darth Vaders" rendition of "Major Tom to ground control" in b flat (actually they were piping thru music of "going home-Mark Knoffler"--luv that piece.
The only thing I got told --after I begged for it!-was that nothing seems seriously wrong except high blood pressure/high cholesterol--and--some disparities in my nuclear imaging from stress and at rest(whatever that means)
The specialist is still not happy but would not elaborate pending further tests--having an echo on heart on thursday. Will keep ya posted!

Randy--it was meant to cheer you guys up!A mans gotta be pretty vain if he can't chuck a joke at his state of health once in a while mate!
Emily--know yu are thinkin of us sweetie--but yu can still have a giggle at my expense!
SpongeBob--yu tested them yet???--a guys gotta know tha score b4 he commits--lol
ASPAYSIA--hey --whereyabeen???? your excercise routine can't be all that bad considering Bob's frequent use of his right hand lifting a glass of port.Kanga is wondering when Emily is going to go public denouncing SpongeBob's overuse of "unatural beverages"--lol
Sue/Bob--Jen says that this site has cheered me up considerably--but she really wants to know who the real jokers are--and she wonders how yu guys put up with me????-----"ouch"--Jen just clipped me one!--but she is such a sweetie--lol
Ta ANNA--hey--am following your posts too. Humour??---yup--crikey, every now n then they say "laughter is tha best medicine". Well, I hope so 'cos it would be a helluva world without it!
The tests today were really a breeze--but 5 hours?????--but sure is better than chemo I got to say-and I got a chance to ham it with tha nurses--he he
Btw ANNA--yu also enter my book of fame--for "angels"--thats only for carers!!!!!

luv yu guys---with all our "hearts"--kanga n Jen

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hey kanga and jen. love your description of the procedure. all will go well for ya. you will at least humor all the nursers and staff i am sure. you take care and know you are being prayed for and jen too.


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