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hi all. am still recovering from the surgery i had to remove a tumor from my rectum on july 28th. finally found out it is in stage b2. but surgeon says i cant see an oncologist till am healed. never been to one. am nervous about what i might have or not have to do. have heard about new chemo you can take by mouth was wondering if any have tried this? and any questions you think i should ask on my first visit am nervous. thanks again for all the support this place gives.. meaning the people of course.. peace.. ramona41

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Ahoy, ramona41 -

Why does your surgeon say not to go see an onc until you're healed? That's silly. I would get to see the onc as soon as possible and start a dialogue - s/he may not need to poke and prod, butat least you can start discussing chemo (if it's deemed necessary - sometimes with Stage II it isn't indicated), reviewing your history, establishinbg a rapport, etc. Remember this, Ramona, your doctors are your CONSULTANTS - they give you RECOMMENDATIONS, they do not tell you what to do. They work FOR YOU! not the other way around. If you want to go see an oncologist (and I agree that the sooner you do the better if only for your own peace of mind) then do it!

Congratulations on making it through surgery - that's often the toughest part. You sound like you're doing great.

Best wishes for good health, peace and happiness.

- SpongeBob

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do not see oncologist, Dr. Gary Schwartz at Sloan Kettering NYC. Get other opinions.Do lots of research.I wish you the very best.

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Yea, Sponge Bob...well said. go see the oncologist, and make sure you can have a 2-way
conversation with mutual understanding. Make a list of all your questions. If you don't feel
comfortable, find another Oncologist. Be pro-active; manage your treatment. come back
here and ask questions. Bud

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I had colon surgery in Nov 2003 Stage T3NOMO and was told to see an oncologist ASAP to start treament. I had an HMO that didn't alone me to go to City of Hope in Duarte, Ca. So I switched to a PPO more money, but we talking about good care. My oncologist Dr. Leong had me bring all my info, surgery report, biopise slides (very important). She had the pathologist
(spelling?) go over them and he down graded my cancer to T2NOMO, so no chemo. You can go to City of Hope's website or just type in City of Hope, they may have info on the new chemo.

I wish you the best.

Duarte, CA

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My husband is on the chemo pill Xeloda. He took it pre and post surgery. Few sides effects and he can take it at home. His surgery was Feb, 2004. He is now on 4 months post op after healing from the surgery.
Hope this helps.
God Bless

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Hiya Ramona--got your mail. Have sent a reply back.
I was in to see my onc. fairly smartly to discuss chemo.My cancer and surgery was very much similar to yours.The general consensus here in OZ is chemo at stage 2 even if no nodes are involved. I detail in my mail the regime I was on.(5fu/leucovorin)My chemo did not start until 6 weeks after surgery as my surgeon wanted things the wound time to heal.Also I was not really all that well straight after surgery due to complications with pain medication not working during the stay in hospital--I had a bad reaction to morphine.
So I guess there are many different scenarios Ramona--hopefully your onc. will determine what is best for you. I think that the guys here are right--establish communication with an oncologist asap.
All the best Ramona--luv n huggs--kanga n Jen

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Thank you guys so much for replying. always lifts my spirits when i come to this board. Iam seeing my surgeon on friday to check incision.So I will ask him about the ocologist and about maybe getting to talk to him/her earlier. I just like to know what to expect..am a crazy person like that i guess.. thanks again.. peace and prayers for you all.. Ramona41

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