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Can't get over throughts of having cancer

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Hi, I live in Duarte, Ca. Would like to talk or meet with those in area. Hard to find a support group for colon cancer. I can't stop thinking of the cancer it haunts me day and night. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My prays go out to all of you.


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Hello!! This site is the best support group around!! My husband was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer with 60% liver involvement. I found this site in Oct.03 and the special people here have been very helpful and supportive to us and I know that they can help you!! I don't know what I would of done if I hadn't found such a caring and supportive group of people!! We live on the East Coast in NJ. You are welcome to email me at bsrules@earthlink.net or just post here and people will help you get through this!!! My prayers are with you!!! Sue

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I agree....it has helped me so much to post and read these boards...learning how other people cope gives one strength. I can understand how you cannot stop thinking about having cancer. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 111 last year July and has just recently been told that, at the moment, there is no cancer. Our lives have changed forever...to the outside world, I must look the same as ever but my inner world has become dictated by the illness. It rules our plans, short and long term, it is reality! But it can also change one's values...small issues are no longer important. One appreciates life more than ever before. The down times stick in one's memory but the good moments also remain. I have no idea what the future holds but I try to prepare myself for anything. It is not what happens to us in life that matters...it is how we deal with it. I see it all as a test.Do use the boards for support but also try and continue with your interests and do not let your illness consume you....you are much more than your illness.

All the best!


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Hi, Annae -

Have you tried contacting your local American Cancer Society chapter office? They usually have tons of information on local support groups. I'm not sure where Duarte is, but I'd imagine there is an ACS Chapter office within an hour of you. I have found several CC groups at local hospitals. You might try contacting a couple of the local hospitals public information/relations offices and checking if they have a program.

Are you a survivor or a caregiver or just someone whose life has been touched by CC? As a survivor, I can tell you that the cancer is always in the back of my mind. But I try to keep it there. Just like the possibility thta I will get hit by a bus is in the back of my mind. My cancer is genetic so, even though I am in remission, I still have "cancer" in my opinion. And I believe it will eventually come back. So what do I do? I have basically two choices: (1) I crawl inside my cocoon and wait for it to come back and miss out on all the living I could be doing right now while I'm not sick or (2) I can get my butt out there and live life to the fullest so that if it does come back and if I should happen to loose the fight, at least I will have had a full-filled life with innumerable experiences and have had an opportunity to touch so many people.

Your choice. Just remember; it could come tomorrow - but then again, so could that darn bus.

Choose life and live it!

- SpongeBob

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Anna: You are indeed fortunate to live in Duarte; The City Of Hope is one of the best comprehensive
cancer centers in California..see (http://www.cityofhope.org/) they can help you with support group
and any other information needed. Bud

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not sure where your town is. I am inthe santa rosa area. and havent looked for a group yet. but amthinking thats not a bad idea. this place is the best online place ihave found. learned more here than from doctors and handouts they gave me. but good luck in your search i may do the same.. sending you good thoughts and prayers..ramona41

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AMEN Bob!!!
Hiya Anna--I am happy to tell you that I am 4 months in remission--the other details about my cancer I forget. Well, not really but we all try to forget the past and get on with living and try to be of some help to our wonderfull friends here.
I am in Australia so can't help with a cancer group--but what I can tell you is that you are not alone. Whether a patient or carer, the result is the same--this is not a disease easily forgotten and the nightmare is with us all.In our own way we try very hard to deal with it but you must be able top call on support.Please return Anna and let us know some details--thereis nuch love/support/concern here.The answers from the others in this post attest to that.
Cancer will change your life an your attitude--I like Alison's reply
"small issues are not important"----each and every day is important to me, and so are my friends here.
Take care Anna and do come back.----luv n huggs --kanga n Jen

Anonymous user (not verified)

Anna, my situation is a lot like Alison's. My hubby was diagnosed July 2003 with stage III right colon cancer. Just like Alison's my life has changed forever...and quite honestly, there isn't one day that goes by without my thinking of cancer (I'm dealing with two...my mom has lung cancer) and the possible outcome....which quite frankly, depressess me tremendously as I tend to be a tad more pesimistic than optimistic...my problem, I know.

But my husband and I (who is really my whole world) try to live life to the fullest and not sweat the small stuff anymore. We go on with the assumption that we have many more years together and who's to say that we don't. He's currently disease free and I pray real hard that he stays that way.

In the beginning I didn't plan on anything beyond one day and certainly would not have remodeled my whole home but you know what, it's good to live and enjoy life so again, we try to carry on with a "business as usual" attitude...and for the most part, we are successful. But it's always lurking and I think, always will.


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