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Spleen scare

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I'm doing chemo even tho I'm stage IIB because the colon cancer was on the blood vessels that take the blood to the lungs, heart, kidneys, stomach.... you get the idea. My CT scan came back mostly unremarkable but I have something "unusual" with my spleen that is not usually seen with colon cancer so now I'm on pins and needles until I can actually talk to the doctor. The person I spoke with said they thought the doctor would recommend a PT scan next. I should hear something from the doctor by next Monday -in the meanwhile, I'm contacting my primary doctor and having her look at the CT scan as well and see if she will tell me more.

Good news is, as I understand chemo, even if the colon cancer has spread to the spleen there is a good chance the chemo will still get it.

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Mornin' OCBFAN -

(OCB? Ocean City Beach? Ollie Cumminski Band?)

You're right on about chemo - it's a total body thing as Ahnold would say. The particular meds target the colon cancer cells even when they aren't hanging out in the colon. There are other meds they use also for mets when they occur.

As for your spleen, just remember that there are lots of folks walking around without a spleen. You can have the whole thing removed and you'll walk away from it. Think of it as a reserve gas tank - your car will run without it, but you'll need to watch that fuel gague a bit closer and be a bit more careful of which roads you take.

Hang in there and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


- SpongeBob

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Hiya OCBFAN--chemo--yuk!!--gee--we hope yu are handling that ok. I agree with Bob--of course you are worried about the results but your spleen you can do without.
All tha best for the tests and please keep us advised--thinkin bout yah --kanga n Jen, "down under"

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Most likely it's nothing, CT scans are not reliable predictors but speaking as the "Spleenless Wonder" since my own spleenectomy (way back) on my sweet 16th birthday, I can tell you that it hasn't slown me down one bit.
Hang in there, waiting for test results is maddening we know.

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A spleenectomy on your sweet 16? Hmmm... now that's an interesting present - don't most girls get a big fancy birthday party and a pretty pink dress with a tiara on their sweet 16th? You must be veeeeeeery special!

- SpongeBob (who got a fake ID for his "not-too-sweet" 16th)

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