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prayers please

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Hi all. One of my daughters classmate's mom is in bad shape. I was going to reach out to her next week and introduce myself. ( Maybe she had some tips on chemo and all this crap).

I just got a phone call that she is back in the hospital and it doesn't look good. She is stage 4 ovarian and it looks like the tumors grew instead of shrinking. I fear for her.

I actually never spoke with her, but felt this weird bond. Guess it's the bond that brings all of us together.

If you would just keep her, as well as her family, in your thoughts and prayers.

If this is the end of her fight, let God grant her peace and tranquility.

Prayers to you, Meg.

Love, Barb

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Consider it done, Barb.

(and you're right about that bond)

- SpongeBob

Anonymous user (not verified)

She's certainly got our prayers. I agree with Sponge too...there is a bond and it is very strong.

Monika & Bert

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I really think I can speak for everyone (can't I?!??!) when I say we are all united by this health condition, and we all support each other either through prayers, postings, or e-mails. Not a day goes by that I don't think of everyone here, and their personal battles, and I have only met two of you in person (Bob & Judy, of course!). None of this is fun, none of this is easy, but none of this has to be dealt with alone.

All my best,


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She is officially on the list of love. We are all connected. I hate that we are here, but grateful to have such wonderful company.

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It's done Barb and how good of you to look out for one of our "friends". That is why I love this place.....everyone is so giving and I have found myself caught up in it almost everywhere I go now. Just knowing I am not alone in this fight is so wonderfully comforting and I want to spread that "feeling" when I can.

Lisa P.

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Hey Barb,
So true about that bond :) Sending prayers and thoughts from Oz.

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To Meg from another ozzie;
At the end of kanga and Jen's rainbow is not a pot of gold--something a lot more special!

Barb---how can I sit here and shed tears for another human being I have never met?
If you don't believe that is happening right now then trust the next few words;
"I swear to god that I sit here with a very heavy and sad heart."
I really hate this disease--but I truly love all of you who care so much for others that are so horribly affected.
Our sincerest love and support for Meg--you have the same coming to you Barb for caring so much!!!!
kanga n Jen

(((((((MEG)))))))))---don't give up sweetie---do seek out more objective opinions!

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hello barb. sorry to hear of the circumstance. i too have a chemo buddy with ovarian and she also has taken a turn for the worse. i still see her every other friday and she has been fighting this for like 7 yrs or so. i will be praying for all involved and that peace be unto her if its the Lords will to take her. you take care of you too.


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She is encircled in our prayer chain here. How old is the classmate? Would she benefit from coming to the board for some loving?

peace, emily who could not live a day without prayer

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prayer said..thoughts sent.. tears wiped.. peace to her..

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