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Apocrine (sweat gland) cancer

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My mom has been diagnosed Stage IV-Apocrine Carcinoma. It is metastatic (brain, kidneys, lungs,spine). She has has 10 brain radiation treatments and 1 course of chemotherapy (Vincristine, Adriamycin, Cytoxin) which has done little.

This is a very rare cancer. I would appreciate any suggestions, insight, anything...

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You should look into IPT treatment. Go to www.IPTQ.org for lots of info and to find out if there is a doctor near you that does it. Like any treatment, it doesn't work for everyone, but it is much more effective than traditional radiation and chemo. My wife has Stage IV Cholangiocarcinoma which is also a rare cancer, and has been doing this treatment and it is working wonderfully, and without side effects. We expect that she will be in remission in another few weeks. I posted some detail about all this in this same section of Rare Cancers - "Alternative treatment and cholangiocarcinoma". Give it a read. I hope this helps
God Bless

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Ive just recently been diagnosed with sweat gland carcinoma. Only mine is eccrine not apocrine. I don't have to much info yet but google.com did have a lot of articles on both.
I hope everything goes well for your mother. God Bless.

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A friend has recently been diagnosed with Aggressive Digital Eccrine Adenocarcinoma. Any information about treatments, clinical trials, etc. would be appreciated,

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My sister has recently been diagnosed with this cancer as well. So far we know it has metasized to the brain. Tomorrow is the PET scan....They are only giving her 2 months to one year for survival. Did your friend survive this cancer?

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Was your sister diagnosed with aggressive digital papillary adenocarcinoma?

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My husband was diagnosed with this disease 7 years ago. He had a tiny skin tag mole under his arm. First they took the mole off, then they had to do surgery again, and took out 24 lymph nodes,and he has had chemo 5 times. Since it is so rare, they did not know what to call it, so they called it sweat gland cancer. Now it has gone into the lining of his left lung, and some in his stomach. The doctor told him without chemo he would probably have 3 - 6 months to live. He has had his lungs drained three times, the last being Monday. Where did your sister's start?

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