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Needing some assistances

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Hi, my name is Deborah and I am writing this for my husband Jozsef. We was wondering if anyone can direct us in the right direction. Let me tell you about the situation. You see a year ago, my husband in to see an ENT doctor, since his hoariness was so bad that no one could here him talk. The ENT doctor, use and scope and noticed a tumor. SO on August 15, 2003 he had surgery to remove the tumor. Thank God he is still able to talk. At that time we had and still have NO INSURANCE. The doctor was very nice and set a very very low fee for his services as well as the hospital.

After the surgery, my husband was to have radiation therapy (1hr/day 5days/week for 7weeks). Unfortunately, no centers or hospital would help or even except payments. Plus at the tme with no insurance we did try for assistance but made too much. We have no family to help us. Its just the two of us. We been together for over 25yrs.

The sad thing is his horaness has come back. And it seems its getting worse. To top that off on Monday August 16, 2004 my husband was laid off. And they ask that he take care of his voice while being off of work. NOW we really dont't have the funds. I am just don't know what do to. So if you know of any organizations, assistances please feel free and let me know.

I would also like to be able to talk to someone, for myself since I am dealing with this alone and have no family. I do mean no family living that is. In the West Palm Beach area.

Thank you in advance

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well I cant help you with any assistances,but I can talk to you about what you are going through,
I am a throat cancer survivor,I was ninteen at the time, and then I had it again at twenty two.
and I have been cancer free for the past seventeen years.I dont no if this will make you fill any better or make you fill worse, but cancer allways seems to come back a second time, for some reason.I think maybe when they are doing the surgery,they are so concerned about just getting the cancer, that they miss some...

I dont fill a bit sorry for myself, I just wish I could talk, I use the computer for all my talking,
I wish there was some way That I could help you. I no how it fills to not no were to turn,
when I had cancer, it was hard for me just to get to the hospital every day for my treatment, I had to drive fifty miles each way just to get there....but I thank god for every day I have.
just hang in there.
and if you need to talk, I sure can give you all that, my husband says for someone who cant talk, I never shut up. I like that..
God bless you

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