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alcohol consumption, why not?

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My husband refuses to listen to the doc and is still drinking during his radiation treatment. I try to discourage him but he says it makes his throat feel better.
His throat is swollen and he can't swallow well. Please help

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some reasons I can think of is that alcohol can slow down the healing process. Alcohol is acidic therefore, can cause more damanage to the lining of the throat. I know that from my own experience it's easier to cope with a crisis by using alcohol as a way of easing the pain. I hope that he can talk with his doctor or counsler to try to come up with some better coping stratagies. I feel for you because I know how hard it is. I have times where I want to drink also, and sometimes do, but then I always regret it cause it does not help physically fight the cancer. Another thing is that if he's having difficulty swallowing there is a high chance of aspiration, and if he's under the influence, his cough reflex would deminish and might cause problems. Talking to a doctor and bringing up the concerns of trouble swallowing, then he can refer you a speech therapist so they can suggest easier foods to eat. Like thicker based fluids are easier to consume, however milk is not one of them. I hope I helped. Good luck with the treatment.

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