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Missing Sponge

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Joined: Dec 2003

Everybody give a large hurrah and welcome back to Sponge Bob...

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Joined: Apr 2004

You know he has been gone too long when I read your message "missing sponge" to mean "someone left a sponge in you during a surgery"...... or maybe it's just chemo brain.

Lisa P.

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Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

actually, that thought-(sponge in surgey) did cross my mind.....bud

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Joined: Mar 2003

Funny thought Lisa...I was thinking of that Seinfield episode when Elaine didn't want to use her last contraceptive sponge on a date and was trying to find out if he was "worthy of the sponge!"

Luckily, we're all worthy of the 'Sponge here! lol


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"Sponge" is somethin ah use to wash me motorsickle. Jest don't tell Bob kanga was here-shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

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