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Update on Dad

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Howdy guys and gals,

Firstly just wanted to say a big thanx to everyone that responded to me the other day! xo Stacy, I will pass on your pointers to my dad -thanx.

Well my Dad went ok on Thursday at the hospital although that night at home he had unbareable back pain and also pain in his jaw and throat. He has had a lot of nausea over the past few days and also a bit fatigued. Its kinda hard for him to eat when everything makes him feel sick, but hes tryin. His oncologist said the first few days would be the most uncomfortable. Dad was given a whole pile of preventatives for nausea, diarrhea, mouth ulcers etc.. But the one thing that has made me so happy is his attitude is full of positivity and he is prepared to fight this all the way! yay!

I did find out that the trial drug is 'avastin' but we are not being told whether he is taking it or a dummy. I am interested to hear from anyone who has or is using it and what they think of it.

Anyways I'm thinkin of you all and thanks again for the kind words, it lifts me up :)


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Hi Belinda and Dad. Sorry your dad had a hard time with the treatment. But, his attitude is the most important thing! Got to keep up the positive attitude and keep laughing!!

I started my post-op chemo on Monday ( Oxy,5FU,Luekovorin) and haven't been too badly affected. Some "sick" feeling in my stomach, tired and metal type taste in my mouth. Feeling fairly "normal" today, 1 week later. I go again next Monday.

Best of everything to you and your dad. Like everyone says around here, hang tough. We will beat this monster!!!


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Hiya Belinda--and hi to your dad.
Also hullo Barb(tkd3g)
For the metallic taste try eating "crystalized ginger" --it isd about the only thing that does seem to give some relief from that horrid taste.
Also--I drank "FLAT ginger beer"--it helps alleviate the nausea feeling but it must be flat and not too cold--a good way to keep up the hydration.For the mouth ulcers Belinda I wonder if they gave dad anything for them? If not tell him to get some Difflam mouth wash--works great(thats the aussie brand name )---do not let him use Listerine as it is far too harsh for dad while he is on chemo.
Jen and I are thinking of you and pass on our best to your dad.Luv n huggs from S.A. ---kanga n Jen

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