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Stage 1 for 1 year without treatment

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My sister in law was diagnosed with stage 1 cervical cancer in October of 2003. She also had a heart attack around the same time she was diagnosed. She is only 44 years old and I am so scared for her. She has two tumors on her cervix. Her doctor suggested a total abdominal hysterectomy but she's unable to have surgery because her heart is not strong enough. Is there anyone else out there going through this? Is there hope for my sister in law? I pray there is....

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I am so sorry to hear about your sister in law. I had a radical hysterectomy one year ago. So far so good but I was not dealing with heart problems. What type of options have her doctors presented to her?

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I am newly diagnosed with cervical cancer and it is adenocarcinoma. Cone biopsy shows 6.11 mm x 11mm, therefore I think a stage IB? I am searching for IB, or similar, survivors to tell me about their treatment experience, results, side effects, etc. I am 51, so not worried about having additional children. I am looking for all my treatment options, so your (survivors) experience is critical. My doctor is suggesting a radical and removing everything including some 36 lymph nodes.

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There is a Cancerbelt that my sister is wearing. She just has not had hysterectomy surgery yet but she is getting ready to. She's a little nervous. But this belt fits between the pelvic and the abdomen. It relieves her pain while walking, siting and laying down. She can wear this belt on top of the clothes or underneath. It is innerlinew with sheepskin for comfort. It is also used for the back pain she is experiencing. This belt can be used before and after surgery. It has elastic at the back for the back pain. This belt has string going through on both sides so you can tighten it as you desire. Please log on to www.Cancerbelt.com for more information. You can also e-mail me at yolanderlee@aol.com with your name and address. I will send you an order form along with a picture to show you exactly how it work. To order by phone you can call Cancerbelt at 901-382-9994.

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