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Help! Treatment Options

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My 55 year old father has just been diagnosed with Stage IV of pancreatic cancer that has metastisis to the liver. He has a 5.2 cm tumor on the lower end of the pancreas which is causing him great pain but the doctors say is inoperable. Any advice on doctors and treatments? We just found out this past Tuesday, so there has been no treatment yet.

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I wish you would have left your email address...I have so much information I can share with you. My husband (49 yrs. old) & I are going to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on Sunday to see Dr. Douglas Evans, surgical oncologist, who specializes in Pancreatic Cancer. My husband has an unoperable tumor in the head & body of his pancreas; He's gone through 8 weeks of chemotherapy (MD Anderson's Protocol) to try & shrink it so that surgery to remove the tumor can be performed. Go to MD Anderson's website (www.mdanderson.org) & scroll down to "Pancreatic" under the "diseases & related topics"...READ THE SURVIVOR SUCCESS STORIES! It sounds as if your dad has a tumor in the tail of his pancreas - is that correct? I have also read so much about preoperative Chemoradiation that has gotten rid of the liver metastasis & kept the pancreatic tumor "in check", so that an operation known as the "Whipple Procedure" can be performed. I probably won't be back at this website until later next week since we're going to Houston, so why don't you email me at home if you want to -
My prayers are with you, Kellie

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could you please contact me when you hear from Kelly who is going to MD Anderson cancer center for her husband.

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