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My husband was diagnosed with pertineal cancer July of last year.He is now 25. Since then we have been through chemo after chemo for the last year. He was in remission and now no longer is. We have been to Mayo clinic and were told all they could do for us was to recomend these 2 other chemo and thats it. We have also been told that he isnt curable. We can just keep it under control. Right now we are trying to go to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to see if they can help. So if anyone knows of anyone with this type of cancer; please let me know. Or if anyone knows of good places to get help and financial help I would appreciate it. Anything will help.

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Hi Amber!
I am cancer survivor but i can't even imagine what it would be like to have my husband sick. I don't have the same type of cancer your husband did, but I know of a great hospital. The University of Iowa has great doctors. My cancer was chemo resistant and it is now in remission. I ahev been cancer free for 3 years now. Iowa has some of the best doctors and nurses you can ask for. My doctor was Dr. Gingrich but all of the doctors there are great. Hang in there. Amber

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Hi Amber...I'm currently being treated at the Cleveland Clinic for Hodgkin's disease. I live near Cleveland so I don't mind traveling 30 minutes for my chemos. The Clinic is world reknown for their healthcare. People come from foreign countries just to be seen here. I know that there are many famous cancer patients that have been treated here as well...Scott Hamilton the figure skater I know for sure...I also heard Lance Armstrong the cyclist, was also treated here though I don't know that for sure. I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. I don't know exactly where you're traveling from, but thought I'd offer up the Clinic as an idea. I wish the best for you both

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