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GE is more pain than liver cancer

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I have chronic hepatitis B through my life. On 4/1/2003 I was diagnosed that I have nonsurgical hepatoma (Liver cancer). On 5/23/2003, a liver biopsy confirmed I have Cirrhosis (stage 4 of 4). Both are end-stage liver diseases.
I sufferd badly, the symptoms include abdomen pain, weight loss(my weight decreased from 155lbl to 105 lbl), fatigue, weakness, nausea, anorexia, itching, constipation, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, changes in sleep habits, and no appetite to eat.

On 4/1/2003, abdominal ultrasound shows a larger right lobe liver mass measuring 3.8*4.0*2.7 cm.
On 4/9/2003, abdominal CT shows 4cm hepatoma.
On 5/8/2003, abdomen CT shows 4.7*5.0 cm hepatoma. On 5/29/2003, liver ultrasound finds a 6.3*5.1*5.4 circumscribed mass on right liver.

My wife gave birth to my daughter on 6/20/2003.

I had a successful liver transplant on 2/9/2004.
Now my body feel good, I'm cancer free!!!

But I have another bigger painful problem, my company GE laid me off on 8/4/2004. I do not know how I can survive the medical bill.
Any advance? By the way I'm 35.

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Is your wife employed. If so can you get on her insurance? Are you a U.S. citizen. If so did you file disability with Social Security? Weaving your way through the maze of Social Security is a long, tediuos, repetitive, process. Take care of it now. Too late to do it online, go to your local office.

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