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Radiation Therapy advice desired

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I had a stage 1 rectal tumor removed and the surgeon is letting the decision on radiation therapy up to me. The surgeon told me today the reoccurrence rate for my particular cancer is 37% and the average time is 18 months. I have a pacemaker, a 100% blockage of my left internal carotid artery, 40% coronary blockage, prior stroke and have had over 50 skin cancers removed in the past few years. I want to enjoy the rest of my life and would appreciate any suggestions or comments on the pros and cons of radiation therapy. Thank you.

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I'm sorry, but I did not have to have radiation so I can't offer any information. However, I send you well wishes for a complete recovery.


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Hi there. I can only tell you what I went thru. My advice would be to speak with the radiation oncologist and weigh the pro's and con's.

I am a healthy active 42 yr. old woman diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. I went thru 6 weeks (Monday thru Friday) of Radiation along with 24hour a day / 7 days a week 5Fu chemo therapy. I did very well minus the diarreha the last two weeks. ( both the radiation and chemo can cause that). Immodium solved that problem. Radiation does not hurt. You don't feel anything. There is a possibility of some skin irritation. I didn't have any. I think the biggest pain in the butt ( excuse the pun) was traveling to the hospital every day for 6 weeks. Of course, I had no choice and looking back on the whole experience, I realize it was one of the easier parts of this whole mess.

You do sound like you have other health issues, so again, my advice would be to speak with a Radiation Oncologist.

Best of luck with your decision.



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Thank you for your advice and sharing your personal experience. It is a great comfort.

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