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Re: help on the iodine diet please!!

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just wondering, if anybody has any suggestions on the low iodine diet? Is there anybody that has not followed it exactly right? also I am using the salt that says no iodide is it the right one .
thank you!!

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Hi there- I know this diet sucks and the first time I barely ate anything.. But guess what there is a better way of cooking. Here is a website to check out that gives reciepes.. I'm on the diet right now and this website has made my life a little bit better.. Good luck..Kosher salt is the way to go while making all your foods from scratch.. here's the web address:

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I just got done with my low iodine diet. sssheesh I went cold turkey vegetarian for two weeks. Then I went to the Butcher shop. I learned to eat better. I learned "everything" you buy has salt or soy or whatever it is you cant' have. But yes, the salt that says "no idodine" or none idodine, is the one to use. The recipes from www.thyca.org is helpful. I made some really yucky stuff too. My taste buds or tongue is messed up I think, food as I knew it just doesn't taste the way I remember it did. I'm told it goes away and food starts to taste better. Its truley a learning process.
I wish you well. Its a hard diet. But you do what you gotta do for the sake of your health. Its a temporary thing. It gets better.

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The Thyroid Cancer Survivors webpage that the others have listed is an excellent resource.

I will caution you with the pasta sauce, it calls for WAY TOO MUCH SALT. I made it how it is written and it was very salty, you should probably cut it in half!

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Where can I find a quick list of foods OK to eat while doing the low iodine diet? I read fresh fruites & veggies, I ate a banana, as I read now i see NO bananas.. This is way to confusing & a lot of conflictiing info. PLease help...... I know eat egg white, however how do I cook them? no salt margarine? oil? There are no quick answers

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LIke everyone else here I found a really good resource in the low iodine cookbook which you can download for free online from thyca.org.   the cookbook includes a one pager (pg 11 of the pdf shared here) of the dos and don'ts which is really helpful. I printed that out and carried it all the time - was great when shopping.  http://www.thyca.org/download/document/231/Cookbook.pdf

The cookbook also includes background info on the diet.

WIshing you well. 


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Follow this path www.thyca.org to the cookbook.  I don't see that bananas are not allowed. I make a pancake with oatmeal, egg whites, blueberries & cinamon - quite tasty.  I also use PAM cooking spray.  All vegetable oils are allowed.  Good luck!

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My normal diet is high in fresh green vegetables, meat, and fish (sea based and fresh).  But one thing I find disturbing is the requirement for egg whites vs whole eggs.  I HATE egg whites, alone.  Any suggestions for making them taste good?  

I will be eliminating the sea based fish.  How about fresh water fish?

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