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Radiation question

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I just completed chemotherapy for breast cancer and my best friend just completed brain surgery and is almost half finished with radiation for gliblastoma. Right now she's sleeping all the time and her family doesn't want visitors. I'd like to hear from others who went through this during radiation but got better. I'm praying this is a side effect of the radiation but when the radiation is over she'll feel better. Thanks.

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My husband was diagnosed with Glioblastoma in May of 2003. He had 8 weeks of radiation, and was very tired through the entire process. He finally started to feel more like himself about 6 months later. However, he had a recurrence in May of this year, and had surgery again, and sleeps A LOT now. Please respect her family's wishes regarding visitors. It isn't just that they want her to rest. There is a dynamic at work here--when you are in that situation, and you know just how bad GBM is, it feels like people want to get in their "last visit". Because you don't want to acknowledge the severity of the illness, you start to push people away, not to be mean, but as a means of self preservation. So please allow them to work it out on there own. They need the time to gather their thoughts.

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I agree with the other person who responded with u. Friends and relatives want to visit as often as they can because they think its the right thing to do. But those visits can effect the survivors attitude (WHICH EVERYONE HAS TOLD ME IS #1 IN IMPORTANCE). my father got diagnosed with GBM 4 on Friday. From what I have heard of radiation therapy (directly from surviors with GBM 4) a 30 minute nap immediately after arriving home is extremely great. Not getting immediate sleep will make the person droggy and drowsy. I was also told from 2 survivors that when the survivors have the energy taking walks however long is extremelyt important. I can't speak much for chemo. but look up the Brain tumor society, there are numbers they will give u of people who are living with this cancer and have undergone all the treatments and they will gladly over the phone tell u how they felt and feel.

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I went though six weeks of radiation, it is tiring and weekens you Immune system, it isnt a bad idea to stay indoors while your taking it at least as often as possible. After radiation I got a bad infection in my right ear and lost all hearing in that ear and some in my left. But its normal I think.

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