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Hello my fellow semi-colons,

You all are dear to my heart and often on my mind. I pray for many of you by name and the rest I trust to God to know who I am talking about. Having said that I want you to know that I present this thread with love and concern for us all.

As most of you know I chose to not do the adjuvant chemo that the Mayo Clinic recommended when I was dx'ed three years ago. I chose a different path. Not wrong or right, just different, and one that has worked so far. But it is on my heart to point the way to a different path for others who are interested in taking control of their health and doing something proactive that steps out of the Western medicine boundaries.

Juicing! In all my research it comes up time and again in many cancer curing protocols. It is why it became the foundation to my own protocol.

Here is what I did for anyone interested. I tossed out my JuiceMan Juicer (it was old and had seen its share of carrots) and replaced it with a Champion Juicer. (www.discountjuicers.com). I chose the Champion because it gives more output per pound of produce and I found it easier to clean (imperative when you are juicing all day long).

I bought 25# bags of ORGANIC carrots from my local coop (they should give you a bulk discount). With the carrots I juiced handfuls of spinach, parsley and a small chunk of ginger. All those veggies were chosen due to their high nutritional content for the digestive system. To that concoction I added a green powder (the one I finally found to be the best for me is called Perfect Food www.gardenoflifeusa.com) that is jam-packed full of nutrients and greens and enzymes and such. It helps in detoxing too. I also added a protein powder. I tried various kinds such as soy or rice or whey or goat. I still bounce around between them. (Just make sure there is NO added sugar or corn syrup or any kind of sweetener beside stevia--remember cancer feeds on sugar).

I drank upwards of 3 quarts throughout the day. According to Max Gerson (check his protocol out) I think he recommends 12 /8 oz day. Not sure.

I turned a lovely shade of orange and felt wonderful. Of course I was taking mega vitamins too. But that's another thread! haha

So in light of recruiting kanga to the ranks of juicing radicals (heehee), I thought I would just put out the info for you to think about.

It has been documented to cure cancer--and I KNOW OF TWO PEOPLE PERSONALLY besides myself who cured their cancer this way AFTER having exhausted the medical establishments offerings.....chemo, radiation, stem cell transplant etc. One was the son of a woman in my homeschooling coop who went on to write a book YOUR CHILD DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE and the other was the wife of my husbands former boss both of whom I consulted after my dx.

I believe it's worth a try and if anything can help your overall health.

There are many books out there that can get you going in the juicing department.....The Juice Lady, A Cancer Battle Plan, A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook, to name a few.

Websites to check out:


Do the research. Buy a juicer.

Disclaimer: I do NOT benefit in any way, shape, or form financially from any of the resources I have mentioned. The only benefit I receive is the happiness knowing that you may step onto a path of better health and potentially killing off your cancer.

peace, emily who will not rest until every cancer cell is killed! KAPOW!

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Thank you for sharing this Emily. I think I am finally getting it. After 4 months of chemo now, I can feel the difference in my energy and brain power (or lack thereof). I find it amazing that we combat the side effects of chemo with other drugs and then fight that drugs side effects with another one. Before you know it, our bodies are full of "medicines" that no one even knows the real effects of them all together and the ones that get the most out of it are the ever growing profits of the pharmaceutical companies. They are just starting to do studies on what chemo brain really is and how it impacts the brain. Where the heck have they been!!!!It's almost like we should all just sit back and take the poisons and just be thankful they can extend our lives. The overall wellness of the patients don't seem to figure in to the equation. I would be willing to bet the bigger pharmaceutical companies spend much more on advertising (ever notices how many commercials are in prime time every single night) then they do research and development all while their profit margins stay in the double digits (5% is an excellent profit margin). With no policing of the industry, they are at liberty to set the price for all of their drugs at whatever the market will bear. In other words, hit while the fire is hot and charge as much as they can get. Don't get me started about all the impotency commercials, millions on commercials and even more in profits!!!!

Okay, I am off of my soapbox about that, but I don't think I have the nerve to stop chemo yet due to my stage IV conditions. Surgery is not an option...YET!!!!! But, I am open to helping it as much as I can, so I can stop it sooner. I hate chemo and what it is doing to my body.

I have ordered my juicer and some of the books you recommended and will probably have oodles of questions and may drive you crazy with them. I live alone and am my own caregiver at this time (my choice and preference as long as I can). I am getting ready to go on full disability from work so I can really concentrate on me (and my pup and 2 cats too).

I really do respect you and your diligence at continuing to "speak out on the alternatives to expensive drugs" for us all. I for one am going to take you up on it!!!!

Thank you again and stay tuned!!!!

Lisa P.

PS. Get ready for lots of emails from me!!!!

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I am available for the asking!! WOOHOO! Just wait until you turn that orange and your friends will whisper among themselves that maybe your liver is shutting down but in reality you are gearing UP!

I am right on that soapbox with you. read QUESTIONING CHEMO by Dr. Ralph Moss if you want an insiders expose of the behind the scenes in chemo research propaganda. It's scary. He has a website too: www.cancerdecisions.com

He sends a wonderful weekly newsletter full of research news about the chemo drugs. He is legit and his agenda is to give us the WHOLE story: good and bad, not just the "magic bullet" mumbojumbo.

You do not be afraid to email me any time.

And I forgot that I put in one Granny Smith Apple in my concoction too. (Tho I forget why it has to be a Granny Smith --according to the Juice Lady).

peace, emily who will also have you doing blueberry smoothies before long. :-)

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I can tell you why the granny smith apple. It is one of the apples that holds it's flavor and crunchy texture whether raw, cooked or frozen. It also is good at "picking up the flavors of spices", great for pies, jellies and especially good for apple butter. I thought you were kidding with your first "orange color" remark but what the heck, I can get a suntan anymore and it is a good color for for those of us that have freckles. My older sister keeps asking when I am going to turn that grey "dead" color she sees on TV, so we will see what she says about it. Be thinking of luckwarm recipes, since the cold stuff is not good for me for a few days after chemo. I am especially interested in how to use stevia. I have some and just can't get it right measurement wise. I use some splenda and cumin instead of meat flavoring for my fresh beans and peas but still have a ways to go with my diet stuff.

Do you know anything about organic coffee enemas. I have been seeing it more and more in my reading. I was totally grossed out at first, but after dealing with my colostomy bag and nausea, how gross is it really!!!! Especially if it helps my liver (I have 2 (maybe 3) liver mets and 1 lung).

See what I mean about my questions!!!! I will start emailing you so I don't bore all of this other fine folks!!!!

I love Regine posting below!!!!!! The last remark was priceless!!!!

Lisa P.

Anyone else notice that there are now at least 3 Lisa's on this board regularly....wonder what the pharmaceutical companies would make of stats like that!!!!!

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Well no surprise but I have done plenty of organic coffee enemas and they don't gross me out at all. They actually can be relaxing. I recommend that you find a naturopath to help you along....someone who is well versed in cancer specifically.

The carrot juice will not be cold if you let your carrots sit out a bit before juicing. The heat of the juicer motor will warm it up a bit too. Of course you don;t want it hot or you kill off the live enzymes.


peace, emily who used to blush when admitting the coffee enema thing but not anymore....what the heck.

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Thank-you Emily for the info. Will definaltley check into the web sites. Hubby stage IV is having his after liver surgery chemo, but we also feel that diet plays a big role. Hubby is getting real tired of the Chemo. Was looking into the Vita-Mix Juicer which cost a lot more, but just saw the advertisment on the Juiceman Juicer over the week-end. We have been buying the juices from our local health store. Owner a Cancer survivor, and loaded us up with lots of Vitamins. Congrats on your 3 year Clean Record and many more to come.

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It was a JuiceMan infomercial that my sister saw one night that got us all juicing. We all bought his juicers after going to a seminar in my hometown. The guy cured his cancer by juicing. The importance of having your own juicer is that you want the LIVE ENZYMES that start to die off after about 30 minutes of being exposed to oxygen (is how I understand it).

But anyway....GO FOR IT!!

peace, emily who sometimes sounds like an informercial herself!

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I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your post at this particular time. I don’t post very often, but do a lot of reading on this site, it has been truly helpful.
I just finished reading Patrick Quillins “Beating cancer with nutrition”. I so agree with everything he has to say, but I am also suffering from severe information overload.
I admit that I am cullinarily challenged, just ask the kids, they’ll tell you that at our house dinner is done when the smoke alarm goes off. To me an acceptable meal is a chilli-dog from the local DQ.
So here I am trying to change my ways, but how? I read your posts on juicing before but was never clear on just what was involved. Does one go to a juicing room (Willie Wonka) or what?
I know that I probably lack all kinds of vitamins etc. but how do I figure out what I need for my particular cancer? (Colon, stage 3)
All I know is that I hope I will never have to do chemo again. I have 3 treatments of Folfox left (out of 12), my ct scan came back clear and everything looks good, thank You God. But I know that I have to really change my eating habits to beat this cancer.
Today at the grocery store I bought only fresh vegetables and fruit, tomorrow I will darken the doors of a health-food store in Salina, KS (50 mi away) to see what they have to offer. After that I will probably have a lot more questions to ask you, hope you don't mind.
If you have any ideas on how I can get started and, most of all, stay with it please let me know.
In the meantime I will chase the kids away from the fridge, they are in awe at the unusual items stored in there.

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Oh Regine,

I have not laughed this hard since Aspaysia posted many moons ago (now where has she gone??). thank you for the wonderful belly laughs! :-)

Please, feel free to ask me anything. I have sent my protocol to quite a few people on here. It is just a list of all the vitamins and supplements I took that were said to be good for colon cancer (I was Stage 3 lymph pos zero mets). I warn you it gets expensive but when it comes to our life how much are we willing to fork out? For me it was everything. In fact I am in the process of moving but that's another (very happy I may add) story of God's rich blessings on our life.

I completely understand the info overload feeling. I spun in circles for a bit before I got into my groove and took off.

Read my webpage too (on here) as I go into a little more detail.

I was hoping the Juicing 101 would help anyone to get started. Here is some other info that was part of my foundation:

Probiotics (acidolpholus)
Vit C
Vit E and Selenium
Calcium (often found depleted in colon patients)
Vit b12
Multi no iron
EPA oil (flax or fishoils)
AlphaLipoic Acid

I know there are more but my list is packed away. I don't take everything that I started out taking since some of it was to help with the detoxing and some to boost immune etc. Now I am more on a maintenance thing.

Well gotta go feed my sleddogs.....

peace, emily who is delighted to share this info!! :-)

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Hopefully you didn't wet yourself this time, Em... And I believe it's AsSpaysia in honor of her posting where she fell and couldn't get up!

Cheers, juice girl who lives out in the woods.

- SpongeBob
(who prefers to READ Jack London novels and NOT live them)

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Geez Em---if ah buy a juicer my putas gunna develop haemharroids trying to evaluate all this info yu are giving us--he heMatter of fact THE MOUSE is already actin up contemplating it--lol.
Yu are so wonderfull Emily that even Jen has taken an interest in the purchasing of a "Emily" labelled juicer--lol
Be safe n be well sweetie----(((((((Emily)))))
kanga n Jen

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Hi Emily,

As you know, you are my hero.

I have take so much of your advice (even tho I am going through chemo) with respect to the juicing. I bought my books, bought my juicer and I am a juicing fool !!!!!! I dont particular dig the taste yet but that could be due to the fact that my taste buds have been effected.

I will be writing to you later on re: supplements and vitamins and would love your input then.

I have come to believe that the juicing is not just a "fad" or an urban legend. It works...you are living proof of that. Its a simple, inexpensive and enjoyable step that we can all take and hey, it just may save our lives and you opened that door for me. Again, thank you for being you.


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Hi emily and Fitlisa,

My husband and I are juicing (he has stage IV colon cancer) and doing the green drinks and chlorella. We've gone organic as much as we can...he is in heavy chemo and sometimes he says he can't eat what he should since he has no appetite (unfortunately) and lost too much weight after the operation. The dietician and our progressive oncologist gave a big thumbs up though to the probiotics, green drinks and juicing he's doing(we go to the cancer center in Winston Salem). I'm hoping to add enzymes to that also. So far as I have been on it myself I notice that many of my skin growths are going away...one annoying growth that took up almost half the end of my index finger is gone now after 7 years.

I spoke with a couple from California right after hubby had his colon resection in June. The guy was young..35 and had stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver, etc. His wife (now a natural practitioner but not then) did some investigation and got him on juicing and natural therapies along with chemo and today he is thriving..this is 9 years later. The docs at the California hospital said they'd never seen blood that clean after he'd been on the natural program for a while.


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FYI since I have been getting PM's for juicing info....my bad hand inhibits long newsy posts....

peace, emily who can't believe she is still here...

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Hopefully this will answer some juicing questions.....

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Very much so, Thank you so much! You are an inspiration. Your story is great and gives all of us semi-colons so much hope.


P.S. I will be juicing!

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