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Hi. I'm a 37 year old colon cancer survivor. I have almost a year in of being cancer free. Because I have a storng family history of breast and ovarian cancer, I am on Tamoxifen. (The 5 year plan) Tuesday I go to the doctor to do the BRCA-1 and 2 test. (Maybe)

So, I'm starting to obsess about getting cancer again. I wonder if anyone out there has done the genetic testing and regretted it? If any of you could share your stories about it, I'd appreciate it. From what I gather in the breast cancer discussion groups, some wouldn't do it and the ones that DID are glad that they know. But the reason that they are grateful is for family members to know if they may be at risk due to the abnormal gene and/or protein.

So, what are your thoughts?

I'm not sure if this message is clear. I had Colon Cancer. The fear is now Breast or Ovarian Cancer. There is a test to determine if my cancer is hereditary or spontaneous. If it is hereditary, then my chances for either a reoccurance or new cancers go up.

Knowledge is power, but I'm thinking that it can also be dangerous. Can anyone share a similar experience?

I'm sorry that I keep rambling, but here are some other factors. I have a sister and a daughter who may benefit from the knowledge, of course, it could also make them live in fear. Also the test is expensive and I'm finally getting my colon cancer bills paid. This is another medical bill and my husband just had back surgery. BILLS BILLS BILLS!

I digress, I apologize. Anyway, thanks for any opinions.


  • Hi, my husband Bert had the genetic testing done because his grandfather on father's side had colon polyups and his father died of the damn disease when he was 57 years old. Testing showed negative but he would do it again immediately because we have a 27 year old son who is greatly at risk and being able to tell him to get colonoscopies NOW and not LATER may help prevent another outbreak of this awful disease. My husband had been getting sigs since he was 43...did get full scope until age 50 and guess what they found...a five plus year tumor growing in the secum colon, four nodes, stage III!!!!

    The choice is yours and yes, it's expensive but may be worth it to begin early preventive care for your daughter. Cancer need to be if caught early and knowing you are at risk, what better motivator could there possibly be.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Hi There,

    I was diagnosed Stage III colon cancer in May and am now halfway through my chemo. I did have genetic testing as my mother died of cancer (brain tumor). My test came back that this is not genetic just bad luck. I was of two minds tho waiting for the test results as you are. I have a brother who is at definite risk for colon cancer simply because I had it. I was relieved to know this didnt put me at a higher risk for cancer in the future, but then again, I wasnt at risk in the first place (42 years old, great shape, no family history of colon cancer).

    It is a tough decision for sure but trust your heart and your instinct.

    Hope this was helpful

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    Thank you Monika and Lisa, I think I'll do it. I will always wonder if I don't. I just wish that there were a clear right and wrong when it comes to this. Thanks again for your input.
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    I was 46 when dx'd last yr. with stage 3 rectal cancer. I am getting tested because I would not want anyone, esp. my children to have to go through what I have been through. They don't think I have the genetic link because I am from a large family and noone has colon cancer, but me.