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Stage 4- not new to site, just back

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I have been away from this site for a while, trying to sort things out. Just a refresher, in March 2003, my hubby Hunt was dx with st4 colon cancer, 17 out of 18 lymphnodes infected and mets to the liver. After all the chemo, approx 15 months, cat scan, pet scan, and another high tech scan that I can not think of the name, showed 3 tumors on the liver, surgeon said GO for operation, could be a possible cure. Tuesday, Aug. 3 Hunt was rolled into surgery, within 2 hours he was in recover room. This is so unreal. Three different scans, all read the same, only 3 tumors. The surgeon had to stop the operation and close him, too many tumors. The surgeon actually held his liver, and it is "loaded" with tumors, has anyone ever experienced this. The surgeon could not believe it. He has no answer why the scans did not show all the tumors. Now we are back to step 0. Hunt feels great, even with all the chemo, he has not really suffered any "bad" side effects, cea reads 16, liver function is good. Weight is good, very active. We were given a death sentence in March 03, but we are fighting, living and praying. But test are wrong. I am so afraid. Although I have not been here for a while, I pray daily for all of us and your families. Have anyone ever had test result this wrong. The doc has never experience anything like this. We have an appointment on Monday. As I said, I am afraid.

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hi schoolgirl,

so sorry about your hubby. What do you plan on doing?

May I suggest a very good and hope-giving book? Actually two:

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm
When Hope Never Dies by Marlene McKenna

It sounds like your husband could use a radical liver detox.

anything like this could help. What do you have to lose?

prayers are with you

peace, emily

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my prayers are with you and your husband..

Anonymous user (not verified)

I am so very, very sorry to hear this latest news about your husband hunt. I don't have any explanation about the tests being so completely wrong and must confess it is one of my biggest fears for my husband too (stage III July 2003...so far accordingly to all those hi tech test, no evidence of disease).

I will sure hope and pray for a good outcome for you both. It's good to know that your husband is feeling well and that his CEA is stable. He may not be able to be cured now but as long as the disease can be managed, there is no reason why he has't got many more good years ahead of him.


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Hullo--our heart goes out to you and Hunt.The incredible thing about cancer is it's ability to baffle even the most stringent of tests.Although my cancer(stage 2 colon) has been removed and chemo was given over 6 months I still realise the fears that you are having.Having tests done every 3 months keeps that fear in the back of our minds.I really believe that my cancer was present in 1997 but still it was not found 'til 2003.
So I guess not all the tests we have are conclusive and the shame of it all is that it puts so much strain on the sufferer/spouses/family and friends.
Tell Hunt that his friends here in OZ are praying for him and we wish him to be well/ be safe and keep the faith.
luv n huggs kanga n Jen

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Sorry to hear that they could not go forward with the liver surgery.
Hubby just had liver resect in June and we were told that sometimes the test don't show tumors because they are hidden by other organs etc and if this did happen he would not have surgery.
I don't have an explanation on why none of the test didn't show the tumors on his liver. Were they too small?? Is it posible they are just Cyst?
Hope you get answers on Monday. They have approved two new drugs in 2004 for stage IV cancer that have real positive results. My prayers are with you.

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