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High Blood Pressure/Chemo

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Hi again,
A quick question for anyone who experienced high blood pressure during and after chemo. My pressure has been treated and controlled for the last 10 years, but had gone nuts during chemo and is still not in good range. We had to change my meds during chemo because I was (and still am) not keeping my potassium level up. The new meds are not doing the trick...I'll be starting a third one this week. My oncologist casually mentioned that he hopes things get better as my kidney funtion levels return to normal. Anyone else with this problem? How long did kidneys take to return to normal? Solutions? Just when I thought I could take a hiatus from frequent MD appts, I'm in twice a week to have this checked!!
But still, small potatoes compared to other issues!! Thanks, Judy

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Hi Judy,

I have always had "white coat" elevated blood pressure, and I really had it prior to seeing my oncologist every week. The nurse would take my blood pressure again after I started getting infused, and it always returned to normal.

With my oncologist's approval, I started taking 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon every day and now my blood pressure is low prior to his visits. The cinnamon is supposed to lower one's blood sugar levels, and my oncologist, who is diabetic, has also begun to take it. You might want to discuss this with your doctor, but mine thinks it's fine for me to take. I put the cinnamon in low sugar yogurt.



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Can't help you on this one Judy as neither my mom or Bert experienced this...Bert only seems to keep experiencing an elevated CEA when he is on chemo. Go figure.

But you hit the nail right on the head...small potatoes compared to what you've just been through. I'm sure someone here will have more answers. Just wanted to pop in and say hi....so, "HI"

Monika ;-)

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Was not a problem here Judy but as you read in my recent post blood pressure may or may not be caused by my chemo.
Kay--read your post with great interest -in fact Bud(Nanuk) thought I might be interested in your post--so he emailed it too me--thanks again Bud.
For the blood pressure I am taking 4mg/day of Coversyl(Aussie brand name) which is perindropril erbumine(potassium supp.) until I go for my heart test.
Stay well--b safe Judy--luv kanga n Jen

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My hubby had high blood pressure during chemo. They started him with hydrochlorathizide (spelling) than switched him to Cored. He is still on the Cored and it seems to be controlling his blood pressure. He has to be careful because they started him on Avastin.
He also is higher when he is at the hospital for treatment. When the nurse comes to take out his treatment he is much lower.

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Ahoy, Judy -

My BP was OK, but my triglycerides went through the roof - above 800. Knocked my regular doc for a loop until she consulted with my onc and learned that 5FU-Leuk can cause that to happen.

As for kanga's thoughts about 1/2 tsp of cinnamon daily to reduce BP - I get my 1/2 tsp of cinnamon atop 2 or 3 cinnamon rolls each day - haven't seen a drop in my BP yet - in fact, it seems to be going up!


- Bob

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