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Another hurdle cleared

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Hi all,
It's now 1 week since an uneventful surgery to remove my thyroid, which was so enlarged that I was to have it all out last fall, but that was prior to the colon cancer diagnosis. Things went very well, with just a little scare with a nodule the surgeon found and sent out for immediate frozen sample biopsy during the operation, which thankfully came back negative!!! Main side effect is supposed to be fatigue...but I don't think it can compare to the fatigue of chemo. This feels like a day at the beach (with plenty of sunscreen, of course). My body sure is looking like a road map with a new scar, but it's a small price to pay for continued good health.
We leave for a much needed vacation next week, on the most peaceful lake in Maine. I can't wait, much to reflect on and be thankful for.
Regards to all, Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Hurray!!! I'm happy to hear that all is going well and you have a wonderful, wonderful time on your vacation. You deserve it.

Bert and Monika

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Super report, Judy! Enjoy your well deserved vacation and I'm so thankful for the negative nodule.

Sending hugs your way,


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surgery? Where have I been? Oh yeah, packing, packing, vacation, packing......

glad it went well. Just when you think you can exhale there's another surgery.....like my hernia/hemorrhoid surgery last fall....you just start feeling good and wham! another trip under the knife.

Hope this is it for awhile.

peace, emily

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Judy, I am so glad that things turned out well and you enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!!!! I'll still be praying for you.
Love and prayers, the other Judy hehehehehe

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Hey Judy--when yu go on your vacation a little thought for kanga down here in "winter" won't go astray!---oh, for a bit o sunshine-errrr--speaking of sunshine---you are a little ray of sunshine in our eyes. Jen and I hope that some well deserved relaxation will be great for the body and soul Judy.We are always thankfull to hear of good news here--our luv to you!!
kanga n Jen

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Wonderful news and I know how glad and grateful you are to be putting this chapter of your life behind you. You have a wonderful vacation and tell us all about it when you return.

All my positive vibes,


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