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Hi semi-colons!

I celebrated my three year anniversary of survival on Friday. I am alive and thankful.

I warn all the newbies to not be surprised that the anniversary becomes a huge milestone each year for you but may pass unnoticed by those around you. As for my hubby he would much prefer to forget that I was ever diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and just focus on the fact that I am alive and well. But ask any survivor....that anniversary is big.

So I raise my carrot juice in a toast to all of us survivors who make it another year and live to tell!


peace, emily who looks forward to another year of survival

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CONGRATULATIONS Emily !! Couldn't be better news. I hope to be saying those same words two and a half years from now!!

Continue to feel good and live life to the fullest.


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Congratulations, Emily! Your dedication and commitment to educating all of us on alternative choices in fighting this disease is commendable. As I sip my green tea, I salute you for your bravery!



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Celebrate, celebrate!!! Even with carrot juice, or probably, ESPECIALLY with carrot juice. What great news, Em. Hope the move went smoothly. You are right about anniversaries and dates. While life swirls on around us, there is this little calendar in my head that I keep checking; I have my 3 month followups in October, then repeat colonoscopy in November. Here's hoping.
Hang in there and keep up the good work. Judy

Anonymous user (not verified)

Emily, you rock!!! You go girl! I love news like this, especially coming from a stage III, Bert's diagnosis as well. Here's raising my glass in toasting you for a job well done and can't wait to raise it again when you pass, and you WILL, the five year bench mark.


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Hi Emily - Congratulations!!!!
I know what you mean about anniversaries. Yesterday was the first anniversary of my last day of chemo. I also celebrate the anniversary of my surgery. And the anniversary of my diagnosis is very poignant for me. You are right that it is a very personal thing. I like to seize any opportunity to celebrate - being alive.
All the best,

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Emily,

Like everyone else "Congratulations" on your 3rd anniversary, your a true inspiration to us all... Next month you'll be celebrating your 43 birthday my those celebrations just keep on coming.


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Em: I just know that your cancer is gone for good, and you will be a great-great grandmother.. Bud

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Hey Emily--yu wanna know what kanga is gunna do????---go out n buy a juicer to make carrot smoothies in recognition of a wonderfull lady!!!!!!YOU!!!!!!!
Yup---'tis true--am gunna do something special and print a sticker to plaster over it with the name "Emily" on it--wow!!!--a juicer named after you!
Trust me Em--I'm gunna do it!Just to keep remindin us that the gift for life is in your heart sweetie.
Luv/huggs and congratulations to an inspirational friend!-----kanga n Jen

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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

hey kanga,

I'm gonna hold you to this buster!

keep me posted and let's do carrot cocktails sometime, eh?

peace, emily who is honored to have a juicer named for her!

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That is music to my ears!!! GREAT NEWS!!!

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Congratulations on that spectacular milestone.

You are my hero, you already know that.


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I am so happy for you Emily. You continue to amaze me as I learn more and more about the path you chose for yourself. Your sister is looking down on you and toasting with you as are the rest of us!!!!

Lisa P.

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You ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats. I can only hope to be in your shoes in 3 and 1/2 years (when chemo is done.) Thanks for sharing good news.


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