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Mucoepidermal Cancer of the Salivary gland

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Not sure which board to post this on so I'm trying a couple. My mother was diagnosed with low grade stage 2 mucoepidermal cancer of her left salivary gland about 1 1/2 years ago. She underwent surgery and radiation therapy. She was just diagnosed with the same type of cancer on the same side but it is just behind her last tooth, into her jaw and cheek. We are on our way to Roswell Park in Buffalo for a second opinion.
She agrees with the diagnosis but is concerned about the surgery and what it might entail. The doctor just tells her not to worry about it. Does anyone have any insight as to what she might expect.

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I know it has been 10+ years since your post, I am hoping your mother is still alive and well! I recently had salivary gland cancer, 2 tumors removed from my face/lower right jaw area, then had radiation and chemo.  I had Dr. Hicks at roswell, he did a great job.  I guess now I have questions for your mother, hoping she has survived this! Please contact me if you feel..ziggy5586@gmail.com 

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You might want to check the Head and Neck site.  This is an old post, you will get more current information on the H&N site.

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