When will this get better?

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Hi all, I am still home. I am having problems sitting down still. How long before your bottom feels better? I had colon resection with a permanent colostomy. Also should the colostomy be putting something out everyday? Mine hasn't in two days and I'm afraid that I'll end up in the hospital again. Please anyone that knows about the colostomy, Please answer. Thanks for all your help.
Love and prayers, Judy


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    My hubby's bottom took about a week for him to feel comfortable to sit he needed to sit on something soft for a while.

    As for your output I would call the Dr. as my mother had one and she did have output everyday!! To be safe I would call the Dr with any questions or problems you think that you might have just to be safe!!! We don't want you back in the hospital again!!!! We have missed you!!!Keep us posted as to how you are doing!!!!

    Best Wishes!!!! Sue
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    Mine took about a week before much came out.
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    Hi Judy,
    It's SOOOO nice to see you are feeling up to posting again!! I'm sorry about the discomfort; mine was abdominal surgery, so I can't offer much help there. I hope Nanuk sees this post...he has given out a few ostomy web sites that he found helpful, but in the meantime, I think hounding your doc with any questions is worth it, after all you've been through.
    Continued prayers coming your way, the other Judy
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    Hi Judy,
    It took several weeks before my bottom felt better. Sitting was the hardest thing -- I used a soft cushion, and tried to avoid long periods of sitting.
    Colostomy: I frequent the United Ostomy Association website (uoa.org) - the general discussion (see side bar on left). It is a very supportive group and also full of information (like this one!).
    My understanding is that output can be variable . I certainly have output every day, but it took a while after surgery for things to start up again. If you have ANY doubts or questions, I'd check in with your dr or nurses. Is that an easy/possible thing for you to do?
    Thinking of you and sending prayers your way,
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    Judy- I have an ileostomy which puts out pretty constantly, but my impression is that colostomies should produce something daily- I would check with your doctor. Are you drinking lots of non caffine containing fluids? That is usually important for good intestinal function.

    Best wishes,

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    I have had a colostomy, due to rectal cancer, since June 28 of this year.
    I once went 5 days with nothing happening and then the next day was spent emptying often. I did not call my doctor because I felt fine, but was worried.
    So far, I have not been regular at all. Some days I hardly go at all and others I go several times. I haven't been able to figure out if this is due to what I'm eating or because the colostomy is still fairly new and it will just take a while for things to settle down.

    I also had my rectum removed and after 5 weeks, although it is better, it is still painful to sit. I think it is just a long process.

    Hang in there. It will get better! If you are worried, call your doctor as it's not worth the stress to do nothing and always better to catch something early.

    Take care.
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    First it took several weeks before i could sit down, but then I had jackson pratt drains in me, but once removed i was able to sit right away after that, I ended up with a permanent colostomy and I have output everyday!! I think I went two days once without having any, although just after the surgery it took about a week then they irrigated me and boy howdy you don't want to go there, that was crampy painful, my doc put me on metamucil every day for a month just to keep me going and then after the initial adjustment to having the colostomy I freaked less about whether i went every day or not and things seemed to flow better for me. I know my answer is "wordy" but it is the way that i felt going through my cancer and then having the colostomy. Check with your ostomy nurse also, mine was very helpful.