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Lupron & Ovarian Cancer link

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Last March my mother (age 48) was diagnosed with an advanced stage of ovarian cancer. She had been taking Lupron for nearly three years to help combat her severe migrane headaches (the doctor informed her that Lupron would 'trick' her body into going into menapause to help with the hormonal imbalance that was causing the migranes). She did do well on the drug and it did help lessen the severity of her migranes. However, in doing research I have found that there have been possible links to fertility drugs (i.e.,Lupron) and ovarian cancer, especially in patients who take it for prolonged periods of time. There is no history of ovarian cancer in our family and I'm starting to really think this drug was a leading cause in her developing ovarian tumors and subsequentially ovarian cancer. Has anyone else experienced a potential link between taking Lupron and ovarian tumors/cancer?

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Lynnjoan, Although I've never heard of a possible link between Lupron and OVCA, I was given Lupron prior to having surgery to remove fibroid tumors about 7 years before I was dx with OVCA. Because Lupron is a drug that basically shuts down the hormones, I never heard it referred to as a fertility drug - if anything, it would be the ultimate anti-fertility drug, because it creates an artificial menopause.

The reason fertility drugs are suspected is because they cause more eggs to form and rupture the ovaries, and the theory is that the enhanced repeated rupturing can cause defects in the walls of the ovary. Because Lupron causes the temporary cessation of ovarian function, it should (in theory) cause less wear and tear on the ovaries.

I wouldn't look to Lupron as a possible link to my OVCA. Upon investigating my family's history, I found that there were cancers associated with OVCA that I wasn't aware of - breast, colon, and prostate cancer (all linked to the breast cancer gene), so I can assume that we've got a bad breast cancer gene floating in our family. Because there's no history of OVCA doesn't mean no one had it - it isn't called the "whispering disease" for no reason. People were afraid to talk about it for years.

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These postings occurred just after I had received several rounds of treatment with Lupron for endometriosis. In October of 2006 I was diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian and uterine cancer. There was one study conducted that suggested a link but I am unclear on the nature of any further work. I just wanted to post a response.

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I took Lupron ONCE for fibroids and it destroyed my abdominal wall. I know a breast cancer victim who suffered the same injury. Then I discovered in the Physicians Desk Reference it says Lupron should not be given to women with breast cancer.

Lupron causes a massive estrogen surge before lowering your estrogen levels. So nobody with breast, uterine, or ovarian cancer should take Lupron. It is NOT FDA approved for cancer in women.

Lupron is also NOT FDA approved for IVF or any fertility treatment. Anecdotally, many women get cancer after IVF. Nobody can really say whether it's the estrogen flare from the Lupron or the stims that is causing cancer, or both, or neither. Because the FDA hasn't bother to track it. But one thing is for sure: a lot of women who take Lupron suffer devastating injuries and say their lives were ruined. Typically it's chronic bone pain. Nobody should take Lupron for any reason. The drug has a terrible reputation and victims' support groups all over the internet.

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I was having severe pain and after laparascopy and internal ultrasound, it was deteremined that I had severe endometriosis and needed a totaly hysterectomy. However, due to the severe adhesions that I had, prior to surgery, I needed to be put on Lupron because they indicated it would make it easier for surgery and help soften the lesions. At no time did they ever mention cancer or that it could be cancer. I took the Lupron and had surgery 7 months later which at the time they indicated everything looked fine. However, after the path report came back, I had cancer in my uterus and left ovary and diagnosed with Grade 2, Stage iiia endometrial adenocarcinoma.

My thoughts were that I wonder if the Lupron had caused the cells to turn.

Also, a friend of mine, she was given lupron to help her conceive because she had endometriosis and the lupron stopped that. She did conceive but her child did have a birth defect (although she never said it was from the Lupron, but from what I read....)

Then I also read that lupron is a drug also used for men who have prostate cancer.

Too bad I wasn't smart enough before to reject taking that drug!

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I had endometriosis in my younger years and into my early 20's. I did not take Lupron, but they did have me on birth control pills non-stop for over a year (to simulate a pregnancy and try to stop the endo). At 46 I was diagnosed with OVCA, and had a recurrance in 2006. I remember my doctor saying something about it being related to endometriosis, but I may be mistaken. Either way, there's no doubt that medications always have a down-side. There also was no history in my family of OVCA.

I'm sorry, I wish I had something more comforting to tell you.

Sending Hugs and Prayers,

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