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Hi everyone-haven't posted for while but my husband steve has-he was diagnosed with rectal cancer in March 04 aged 31-he underwent 6 weeks of chemoradiation and has just had his op on 29/7/04. It all went well-the surgeons fely confident thay were able to remove the whole tumour and the previous treatment had shrunk the tumour down to a small ulcer. We are now trying to get him better and used to life with an ileostomy. There is a big psycological adjustment after surgery like this-you think you would be so relieved but in some ways it just gets you onto the next phase of awaiting histology and then chemo,ileostomy reversal etc-it all seems never ending-anyway-we need to get him through this stage first-just thought you would all like to hear how he was going. love kelly


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    Hi Kelly. I'm glad that the surgery and treatments went well for Steve. I am very new here,just came aboard the other day. Sounds like Steve and I took the same treatments. They marked me for an illiostomy, but they amazingly had just enough of the rectum left to attach everything back up.

    I know what you mean about just waiting for the next thing. I start my 6 months of chemo on Monday. I'm already thinking of all the colonoscopies, scans and what-if's to come.

    I do know that we have to take it one day at a time. No sense worrying about what might or might not happen. Easier said than done, but that is why we are so strong. Determined and staying the course. One day at a time. We will look back on these days and be amazed at how we got thru it. We will survive.

    You and Steve are in my thoughts and prayers.

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    I had the same surgery in 6/03. I never thought i would get better, but I did. He will not feel better for a while, but he will. Life will never be the same as it was, but it will get better. i am back at work full time. i had a rough year with many ups and downs.
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    Hi.. good to hear steve made it through the surgery well. I have been thinking of him and wondering how he was doing. The surgery is definately a biggie, but "this too shall pass".

    Tell him I wish him well, and not to rush the recovery. I gave myself 6 weeks without work and then 4 weeks of part time. ONly then did I start back full time - while on chemo. I am a bit over the top, but us young and active folk tend to bounce back.

    HOpe there are no complications. We will be thinking of you! jana
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    This is a problem that affects all of us...caretakers too...the waiting for the next test, treatment, recurrence etc. It is scary but you do indeed have to live one day, or one week at a time. We have lived like this for a year and it is only now that we can relax a little as my husband's colonoscopy last week was clear and his PET scan too. This is the first good news we have had in a year apart from the successful TURP surgery in May.

    I hope the story is an inspiration to others like Steve. My husband was Dx with Stage 3 a year ago, 11 out of 18 lymph nodes involved. Surgery immediately, during which his pressure fell and he had to be 'brought back" ,ureter damaged and a foley catheter in for a year because of an enlarged prostate. Hospitalized three times during radiotherapy because of complications from catheter/bladderspasms/radiotherapy/chemotherapy combo.

    Then had successful TURP to reduce the prostate and then a post treatment scan showed two lesions in liver...hence the PET scan. He lost 40 pounds in weight and has gained back 20.

    Also treated only with 5Fu and Leukovorin, a fact that concerned me as in the US, it seems more potent meds are used on Stage 3 with lymph nodes involved.

    So you can see why I have worried all fact now that I have no IMMEDIATE cause to worry, I seem to search for other things to worry about!!! It has become a daily routine...worrying!

    I do agree that life will probably never be quite the same is a major life changing experience but we adapt and learn to appreciate each other and life around us more.

    All the best to you.
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    Hey, I have one of those things because of colon cancer, still with me. It is as frustrating as hell and takes awhile to get used too, but he will, he has too. I think about a reversal all the time but was told not to get my hopes up. Whatever, I'll put my hopes where ever I want. But life goes on and the Illeo is a part of it for now. It is completely manageable, just annoying, so they say and I figure time will make the thing an easier part of my life. It is better than being dead. Oh, by the way I just turned 30, so I know how he feels, too young for this ****, we all are! Take care good luck with everything.
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    HI KELLY!!!

    I'm praying for you & Steve. I hope he recovers as well as my mom did. It's been 4 weeks after her surgery and she's feeling great!!!

    Just take everything one step at a time and think of how far you've already come!! My mother got diagnosed on March 2nd - We've come A LONG WAY!!! They both went through a diagnoses, radiation and chemo AND surgery. That's already a lot. Just focus on his recovery and everything will fall into place.

    Wishing you well!!!

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    Kelly- Thank you so much for updating us on Steve's surgery. I am glad that all went as hoped. My hopes and prayers that all the rest of the test results and treatment are equally smooth and sucessful. It can be overwhelming to try to think about so much at one time. I find it easier if I focus more on the short term issues.

    Best wishes,