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Please answer me...thanks so much

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Good evening. My mom has a really bad cold (something like brochitis) last January and she had antibiotics to take, she had pumps too but never bothered to take them. She had her annual appointment a montj ago and the doctor noticed something different when checking her lungs (in the breathing) so she asked my mom if she had a cold and my mom said she did in January, so her doctor prescribed and XRAY where a shawdow showed up and pumps for her to take Flovent and told my mom to have another XRAY in two weeks whick she did but the XRAY still came back with the same shawdow (like a mass). I would like to know if this means cancer...or your opinion could the infection possibly still be there after nine months?? They are sending her for a CT Scan but her appointment is only at the end of October (3 months from now) As radiologist do you guys normally put urgent if you suspect cancer or is it impossible to tell from an XRAY. Your honnesty and expertise would be appreciated, as I am really scare for my mom, but at the same time I want to be realistic.

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The question is do the docs suspect cancer? if they do then they will know what needs to be done. Dont jump to somethin if you dont know what is going on if they think its just an infection then they are treating it as that. Sometimes with lung infections there is tissue that will remain after the CT they will go to the next step and if u feel things need to be done sooner then push the doctor to do it often the best way with the suspect of lung cancer they have to follow some procedures from what I know and I have experienced but well often the best way to know is a bronchiscope but also for cancer they do PET scans. You need to Push the doc to do the test sooner if u want it like that but its 3 months which often when doing things like CT's after X Rays and all they do wait a month or more between but push for the test sooner if u are worried but it is often just tissue left behind or a lingering part of the infection. I say speak to your doctor and ask them what the possibilites are for what it can be. Ask them how they treat it and push them to do things quicker it is ok to push ur doctors. I recomend u speak to ur doctor with all ur questions and dont be afraid to get a second opinion. if they dont suspect cancer and u think there could be a possiblilty u should not jump to it but if they dont give u clear results of what the mass seems to be in the lungs go elsewhere and get more tests if ur doctor wont run others but if there seems to be a shadow and the CT shows it as a fluke then it may just be that but dont be afraid to get another opinion just take all the current tests with u.

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They found my husbands cancer by accident. He had no symptoms. When they found something on his lung they ordered the tests immediately. They then took a biopsy. ct scans and then a pet scan. I would tell the doctor you want these tests ASAP. Ask lots of questions. Advise your mom to ask questions. We all need to take charge of our health care today.

My mother had a cold that didn't go away. She had lung cancer. If they are suspicious they should act fast.

Take care and I wish you the best.

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My mother also had a cold and they treated it as allergies since she had never smoked. She then started falling down, was dizzy and had nausea so we thought maybe she had pneumonia so they took an x-ray of her chest and they showed an abnormality so they ordered a ct scan right away. She was diagnosed with lung cancer but unfortunately it had already spread to her brain and spine. Make sure you have your mother checked out right away.
My mother was diagnosed on August 5th and is taking radiation treatments daily along with steroids for the cancer in the brain . If anyone has more info for me regarding lung cancer that has spread to the brain and bones I would really like to talk with someone besides a doctor. I want to know everything there is. My mother is only 61 and way too young to die. Thank you.

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I agree with the others.It could be possible that what the x-ray shows old scar tissue.If there is any history of cancer in your moms family make sure the Doctor's know.When they found spots on my lungs they didn't do anything until there were signs of them growing.Then they did a biopsy.I pray your mom is well and there is no cancer involved.

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