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Vitamins and Nutrition

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Hi guys,
I was wondering what you think about vitamin supplements, minerals and general nutrition. We go to MD Anderson and I was surprised that our oncologist never went over any type of nutritious diet, or vitamin supplements. I've read on this site that a few of you recommended a book called "Beating Cancer by Nutrition". I was going to go to the book store and look at it tomorrow. I was just wanting some input to see if any of your oncologist suggest any extra vitamins or any kind of plan to help your body heal and promote a better immunity system. Let me know. And I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for all the support that I get personally and just reading all the responses.


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Hi there, my husbands oncologist also did not suggest any sort of special healthy diet to follow, he just said everything in moderation which is what Ross has been doing for his whole life anyway. Ross is trying to cut back on red meat and is choosing fish or chicken first at the BBQ at friends!?!?!?!?! Good luck...I think the book can only help because you will become healthier and that has to be good. Take care. Rebecca

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Yes, that book is a good reference. Most doctors don't recommend anything special, because nutrition and supplements are not their 'specialty'. Anyway, I do specific things because of my bout with ovarian cancer. Now, my Mom has colon cancer with mets so we are trying to implement some things for her also. I seen some very interesting data on cancer and how it actually works. Then it becomes apparent why we should do certain things, take certain things and avoid certain things. Anyway, I would encourage you to research this a bit. Including a healthy lifestyle to combat this disease can't hurt. I just wish more people would do that BEFORE anything happens - I believe some things could be prevented. In the meantime, the Good Lord gave us so much wisdom and knowledge. It's time we start using it.

You'll be in my prayers!

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Hello Elaine,

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin is an excellent place to start in the nutrition and supplement department. Don't hold your breath waiting for your oncologist to tell you about cancer nutrition.....that goes beyond their comfort zone. But cancer DOES respond to nutritional protocols.

I have only been using nutrition and Eastern/Alternative medicine to heal my Stage 3 lymph pos zero mets colon cancer for three years now. The only thing my onc did suggest was green tea! (which I take or drink every day).

Another fabulous book set I highly recommend is A Cancer Battle Plan and A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook by Anne Frahm and David Frahm respectively.

The first one is Anne's testimony to being on her 'death bed' and being told by her onc to "get her affairs in order" and her struggle to regain her life and curing her cancer by other means. Which she did. The Sourcebook is the "how to" of what she did. I have done much of the same stuff that she did....detoxing, diet changes (and that goes beyond just dropping red meat from the line-up....white sugar, white flour, alcohol, all animal products, no dairy...).

Cancer grows in an acid environment and meat puts your body in a constant state of acid....an imbalance in your pH. Fruits and veggies and some grains are your best bet. I juice organic carrots every day and add protein powder and green stuff that is cholk full of live-promoting substances. Live enzymes are also key to boosting your immune system which you only get from live foods.

Well I hope this helps and you can contact me if you are interested in my protocol. I have done extensive research since I said NO to to chemo (the recommended 5-fu and leucovorin). Read my webpage and you will see why I said NO WAY!

peace, emily

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I also want to stress that cancer feeds on sugar so getting off of ALL white sugars is imperative at this time. (sugar is also acid producing).

Just wanted to add that. I cannot stress that enough and it always pains me to hear when folks are given things like Ensure to drink since it is full of refined sugar!

peace, emily

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This site has nutrition info. at http://www.cancer.org/docroot/MBC/MBC_6.asp?sitearea=ETO .

Also, any physician should be able to give a referral to a licensed nutritionist. A licensed professional should know which books are good and seems like a lot better person to consult than someone who is marketing a product.


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Yes if they have read them or even heard of them....but then again my oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota read them when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and he liked them.....

And you surely wouldn't want to get tangled up with any charlatans from say....Bristol-Myers....marketing their drugs (I mean who can watch TV these days without a zillion drug commercials popping up everywhere). Yes, by all means be aware.

peace, emily

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I have found most traditional physicians, including most oncologists, totally lacking in knowledge of nutrition or supplements for cancer patients. Traditional medicine seems to reject a premise older than most practicioners..that is most medicine now patented and synthesized originated from natural sources. It is unfortunate that the medical establishment is still blind to
the benefits of alternative medicine, and that patients must make many mistakes in their pro-active self-treatment due to lack of coordination between traditional and TCM medicine.
There is a place for both..if the establishment-
(Drug Companies, etc.) would consider real treatment instead of profits. Bud

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peace, emily

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