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newly diagnosed.

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Hi. I had hodgkins lymphoma 6 yrs back and with chemo+radiation was able to defeat it and was in remission. 4 months before I found a small lump on the base of my tongue and a week before I have been diagnosed with squmaous cell carcinoma. I had MRI done which showed some involvement in the same area of biopsy and an enlarged lymph node. The doctor will see MRI pics and tell me the actual involvment and extent of surgery. At 31 yr of age, non smoker, non drinker, this was a surprise...its hard to wait for the doctors call and I am scared about the surgery.

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Hi Kiren, Sorry to hear about your problem. I understand how scary surgery can be and how wating for a call from the doctor makes you nervous. I have a different kind of cancer but I wanted to suggest you went to Survivors Chat ROom; there are several people who had Hodgkins and squamous cell carcinoma and they may be able to help you with information. You will find lots of support in the chat room.
All the best,

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