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My Story

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Hello, my name is Billy Boylan I am in my softmore year in college and I wanted to let people know what can come out of losing both my Mother and Father to cancer. I was 10 when my mother died and that was hard on the family. My dad began to drink quite offten. My sisters moved away and i was left alone. Coming up in a poor home with no money. not even money to get a good tombstone for my mother. I was so hurt by this lose. I began to slip and do drugs and get into troble from the law. My dad died when i was 16 leaving me again all alone with nowhere to turn. Soon i got saved and by the grace of God i am in college with a full scholorship. I wish to tell more about my story to those who hurt . But i dont really know how to get it out. Anyway thank you for your time and i hope this is not to long. Thank you and i hope you can help me get my story out. to help people in my situation. thank you.

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Praise God for His Grace and Salvation! It is so refreshing to hear that a young person, especially one who has been through so much, has come to the knowledge that there is hope and love available to all. I commend you for getting through these ordeals in your life and now attending college. What is your major? Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll be great!

I am a 4-year ovarian cancer survivor. God has brought me through that and so much more. Now my mother is dealing with colon cancer, and I know He will see her through this.

Please share your story with everyone you can. And keep in touch to let us know how you are doing. Thank you for sharing your remarkable new life!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to hear my story. Most people don't think that God can come in time of need. But that is where he is. I am a Bible/Pastoral major at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids MI. I love it and want to help people. But it seems like know one will listen. Anyway. I hope things go good for you and if you have any Prayer Request then let me know. GOD BLESS

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