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Quick question

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My Mom had a really bad cold last January and when she wait for her annual appointment the doctor gave her pumps as she hurd a wissle, and suggested she go for a lung xray after two weeks of using the pumps she had to go back and the shadow was still there now she is sending her for a scan, is this how your cancer was diagnosed, any comments (good or bad) would be appreciated.


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I'm Ernie, a 2 1/2 year lung cancer survivor.
I complained that I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Doctor had just listened to my lungs and found them clear, so he became alarmed. Sent me for chest x-ray, which showed a shadow. Next day, I had a CAT scan which showed what looked like a tumor on my lung. Two days later, a bronchoscopy confirmed the tumor, and it was "off to the races". Two days later, I met my oncologist, who set the course of treatment.
Long story short, - I had 3 cycles of 3days of chemo, and 7 weeks of radiation (5 days/week). The tumor was shrunk by 75% by the radiation, and the chemo killed the cancer cells in my body. Surgery removed the remnants of the tumor.
It was a terrifying time for my wife and I. Cancer is a scary thing. But it was not as bad as I had anticipated.
Keep a positive attitude and have faith. I was "inoperable and incurable" going in, and here I am, two years, 10 months after surgery, clean and healthy.
Help your Mom keep a positive attitude. Help her believe that she can beat this, if indeed it is cancer.
Keep us posted.


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but do you think if they thought it was cancer she would have a scan before October, that's when her scan is scheduled for...I am so scared, my dad is fitting the battle of his life with Colon Cancer and now I just hope my mom doesn't have lung cancer. Do you think they can tell for the xray (shawdow) my mom said she asked the doctor and she said it wasn't a spot but like like a mass??? Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.

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just read your story and was wondering if you could shed any light on my deal. i have a 11 to 12 mm nodule in left lower lung that i have had ct and pet both of which have shown a benign indication, also no futher nodules have been seen and lymph nodes are not affected,doc wants to remove the nodule and has told me that even if it comes back cancerous that removing it at this time before it spreads will be the end of it with no chemo or radiation required. i do not smoke and am not exposed to any hazardous chemicals. i am having a little shortness of breath and have been told by lung doc that i have a small amount of obstruction but lungs are otherwise normal. i am wondering if the nodule could be causing the shortness of breath and if removing it could stop that, just wondering if this sounds familiar to you or anyone you know with similiar symptons,thanks.

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Hi Ernie
Congratulations on your progress. Just wanted to know which kind of lung cancer it was and what chemos did you have. My husband has nscl cancer IIIB and has had 33 rad treatments and 26 treatments of Taxol/Carboplatin. Now there are signs of the tumor being slightly enlarged and and spots on liver after more CT scans. He is now having Gemzar and Navelbine. He's had one treatment so far of this combo and this week he was unable to take it because of the platelet level being too low. He was diagnosed this past february. He also is nonoperable and located in the upper right lung which is now about 3.5 cm x 3.3 cm and also lymph node involvement and had gone to his traechea. But with the radiation and chemo it has pulled away from the tracehea. The mass was the size of a tennis ball in february. So he has made progress.

Did yours progress like this with some back steps ? This is a very emotional type of illness to work with. We are very possitive but whenthese little stepbacks happen my mind starts to wonder if enough is being done. I am so intuned to this cancer. am always on the internet looking for information and keeping in the loop with the current new treatments and also when something different crops up like the pleural effusion. This is a "we" thing. He may be taking the tests and treatments but I am right there beside him for every treatment and tests. He is 59 and in physically in great shape. His job is very physical and I think going into this that was on his side. He is still working but I think he is considering some short time disability from work especially thru the winter because he is out on the roads everyday.

Please reply back or you can e-mail me at Bieber216@zoominternet.net. or on this network Domino216.
Hope to hear form you soon and keep up the great work and the progress

God Bless!

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