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pet results r in good news

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hello all. i got my pet results yesterday and lesion in the lung is there but very faint. so for now bk on chemo and boy am i sick right now. he will give me this does and one in two weeks then another scan. there was nothing anywhere else and of course i am just excited about that. thank you for all your encouragement. take care everyone.

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Congratulations Nettie on the good news!! I am sure you are not feeling great physically, but that report must do alot mentally for you. Glad to hear or read good news I think it gives us all a boost.
Take care,

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HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so relieved for you. Celebrate all good news. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

HOpe you tolerate the chemo without problems - and feel stronger fast, at least the spirits are strong.

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Hi Nettie, That is great news. Just try to imagine all cancer leaving each time you take the chemo. That helped me. Hang in there and keep your positive attitude. Keep us posted.
Love and prayers, Judy(grandma047)

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Hiya Nettie--we hope the news has improved your emotional feelings.As for the chemo---no words can express that as we all know how much a pain it can be.Nonetheless we also know that those little beasties are getting their butts kicked!!!!
luv n huggs - kanga n Jen

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Nettie, congrats on the great news and great news it is. I know it must be hard to be bouncing up and down for joy especially when you are not feeling well but just look at the whole picture...and how good it's looking. Hang in there girl.

Monika and Bert

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